Youth in Madagascar to defend peace building and human rights

Several cases of human rights violations were observed in the 23 regions of Madagascar, specifically in rural areas, and more specifically towards young people. Those cases are not enough documented which can lead to impunity. The Rary Aro Mada project, through its bootcamp format, aims to promote young citizens, students, journalists, women and youth NGOs without discrimination involvement. They are encouraged to step up as peace building and human rights officers.

In 2021, 380 young people from across Madagascar participated in Bootcamps designed to train them on communication for peace building, promotion of human rights, strengthening of the youth network of human rights defenders (Rary Aro Heroes) and the creation of Peace Committees at local level.

Following the same dynamic, the first Bootcamp for 2022 started in Analamanga region. 75 young people followed a one-week training from 20 to 26 March.

Training modules included : Communication and Marketing for peace building, Consolidation of Peace with OHCHR, Life Skills with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Rights of marginalized community with Diver’UNITE, Media training with Studio SIFAKA, discussion about handicap and inclusivity with Humanité et Inclusion, and advocacy with CCJ.


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