YouTube to invest in accelerating the growth of learning content across Indian languages

New Delhi: Reiterating its commitment to grow learning content in India, YouTube today hosted the second edition of EduCon in New Delhi. EduCon is a one day summit that brings together learning content creators from around the country for learning, community building and mentorship.

At the event, YouTube also announced that eight Indian creators including ExamFear Education Hindi, Learn Engineering, Don’t Memorise, Study IQ Education, D’art of Science, Learnex – English Lessons Through Hindi, GetSetFlySCIENCE, and Let’s Make Engineering Simple have received YouTube Learning fund to develop high-quality learning content, covering topics like English language training, environmental science, political science, calculus, genetics, chemistry in English, Hindi and Tamil. Some of the work of these creators have already been made available online, and there is lots of exciting content in the pipeline.

Satya Raghavan, Director Content Partnerships, YouTube in India, said, “India’s Internet user base is now spread well beyond the top 8 metros. With over 265 million monthly active users on YouTube, we’re seeing incredible viewership coming from tier 2, tier 3 cities and even small towns. It’s exciting to see that our incredible video library is emerging as the largest supplementary learning platform for users across India, with learning videos generating hundreds of millions of views on YouTube every single day. We’re now actively investing in accelerating the growth of learning content on YouTube through mentorship for our creators across languages, and funds for them to develop high quality content on a wide variety of topics.”

There is an incredible demand for content across different topics in local Indian languages like Government and Public Service entrance exams, English language tutorials, engaging educational content on science and maths, and even unique content such as farming, photography, cricket and even financial literacy. Many of these learning stories are powered by an incredible community of creators such as Pratibha’s Music, Singh Freestylers, Vitamin Stree and Mad Stuff With Rob. In 2019, learning content on YouTube grew at a supersonic rate! In fact, Wifi Study, the largest learning content channel in India, live streams upto 30 videos a day, with live Q&A, and crossed 9 million subscribers this year.

YouTube recently introduced Learning Playlists to provide a dedicated learning environment for people who come to YouTube to learn. Ten of these are from India, covering a variety of categories from academic topics in English and Hindi, such as calculus, chemistry, and political science, to building English Vocabulary and Pronunciation lessons. More playlists coming soon!

Joined by a vibrant community of over 200 learning creators, this year’s EduCon witnessed inspiring stories from many creators talking about their journey — from the first video to the 100th, how they overcame the many challenges along the way, what motivated them to navigate through the multiple disappointments, the feeling of finding a community on YouTube, and ultimately what success means to them. Moreover there were curated sessions on livestreaming, alternate monetization, research and credibility, content best practices, as well as production fundamentals.