YouTube tools for learning a foreign language

Students of the directions “International Relations” and “Sociology” held a master class, the purpose of which was to learn about the possibilities of using the YouTube platform for a more fun and productive study of a foreign language.
The event was organized by the teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Humanities E.P. Shishmolina, I.E. Abramova and A.V. Ananyina. A working group consisting of Ivan Pavlov, Valeria Chashkina, Ksenia Abrashitova, Ekaterina Lebedeva, Daria Kononova, Ksenia Anischenko, Anna Makashova, Anastasia Olenyuk, Ulyana Vasilyeva, Kristina Ufimtseva, Victoria Zakrevskaya and Demyan Karpov got acquainted with the 22Project project of the training group , which was launched by students “International relationships”.

YouTube-channel 22Project has uploaded videos in English on topical socio-political issues. The participants of the master class analyzed the work done by their colleagues and discussed how this format of educational work helps not only hone public speaking skills, but also learn how to correctly select information, critically evaluate Internet sources, analyze the collected data, and visualize the results of their work in a form that will be understandable and interesting to a wide audience. Another advantage of such a project is that it allows students to try themselves in a variety of genres – from podcasts to interviews – and to attract students to cooperation not only from other areas of PetrSU, but also from other universities.

22Project is a great example of how a group of students, on their own initiative, can turn into a quality project with a huge base of videos worked to perfection. All the members of this YouTube channel are pleasant and, most importantly, interesting to listen to. They are quite young, but they are well versed in the material that they convey to the audience, and they, in turn, receive a portion of positive and food for the mind.

There is really something special in the works of 22Project, a kind of zest that inspires and fills life with some alternative meanings, which you rarely think about during your routine. In addition, it is very pleasant to know that the team of this channel are ordinary students who are literally one year older than us. This gives at least the motivation to prove that you are also worth something.

Students pay attention to a wide variety of topics in their videos. They consider both the political and social spheres of society. For example, they have created a series of videos dedicated to the pressing topic of our time – the coronavirus. They discussed the predictions and tried to determine the consequences of the pandemic.

There is no doubt that the authors are talented and creative, as can be seen in their approach. Each video, even on the same topic, looks unique. In addition, it is worth noting their proficiency in a foreign language. All of them show what they have learned during the training period. We hope that in the future they will not lose that fervor and will continue to improve in learning the language and will competently use it in future projects. We wish the 22project team every success,

– noted the organizers of the master class.