Zebu to offer trading facilities in the US for its investors

Chennai: Zebu Share and Wealth Managements Pvt Ltd, a leading financial services solution provider in India, will be offering trading facilities in the US for its investors. It is one of the few financial players in the market to be offering this facility for ushering Indians seamlessly in the global market. According to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) a resident Indian can invest up to $250,000 overseas each year under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS).

US stock markets are home to some of the fastest growing companies in the world. For creating this investment opportunity, Zebu has collaborated with US based Finance and Wealth management start-up- Stockal. Headquartered in New York, with its India office in Bangalore, Stockal is backed by investors with pioneering backgrounds in financial services and technology in United States, UK, India and Singapore.

V Vijayakumar, Founder & CEO, Zebu said, “We have seen a huge spike in the number of investors taking interest in the stock market in the last seven months owing to the lockdown. It has helped us further expand our customer base. Stockal is building a platform that enables investments in a diverse set of global assets from a single account, from anywhere in the world. Through this facility of overseas investment, we want to offer our clients an option to diversify their portfolio outside of the Indian market and access multi-asset investment opportunities. People are these days interested in new-age technology companies. While Indian stock market offers various exciting investment opportunities, the US market is known for its tech giants- in which people are keen to invest.”

The lockdown has sparked interest in people around trading and exploring the stock market and other financial services. It is interesting to note that most of Zebu’s investor/trader user base consists of people below the age of 40. In the digital era, it has become imperative for all to make use of safe technology to make lives easier. Currently, Zebu is offering a Trade on-the-go platform- Zebull. It is that helps its customers to execute their orders own.