Zell Education Launches ‘Nimbus’ – a revolutionary new learning management system to make online education accessible


Mumbai: Zell Education, a budding Edtech company headquartered in Mumbai with branches in Delhi and Pune, Launches its latest Learning Management System (LMS) ‘Nimbus’ which is an analytics-based approach for its learners to analyse and evaluate their progress.


Nimbus, adopted by Zell, will be used by faculties/facilitators to draw attention to grey areas of students and cater to them in a more tailor-made manner. The content boasts of case studies, mind maps, along with an interactive journey that will enable students to test themselves in terms of different levels of difficulty. With its latest learning management system, Zell is paving the way for the future of learning in the current digitally-driven environment.

The Pandemic has forced the Education sector to be receptive to the adoption of technology and leverage tech-driven tools in the ever-evolving digital environment. While the first wave taught companies to innovate, the second wave forced companies to be forward thinkers and act immediately. Zell has been leveraging AI, ML and other tools to ensure students receive all content at the right time and with the implementation of ‘Nimbus, they strive to help students study better.

Zell’s bet on having experiential learning as its philosophy has rewarded it handsomely over the years. Integrating the teaching-learning methodology through Nimbus has been the major adaptation (as well as a turning point) for the company as well as the students. Standardising the content, using advanced analytics to assist students in evaluating their progress, helping faculties draw insights of their class as well as individual students, and most importantly, delivering content in an innovative & completely fresh manner. Not only is it filled with case studies, models, mind-maps, tricks & tips, and new ways of studying F&A, but has also made the student journey intuitive, making it easier to absorb, imbibe & retain information.


Speaking on Nimbus, Pratham Barot, C0-Founder and CEO, Zell Education said, “Our focus on being digitally driven has allowed us to introduce Nimbus as a transformative LMS to disrupt the existing teaching methodology for finance and accounting students. This platform is both intuitive and instinctive- making it easy for students to develop a fair approach to solving problems. This platform also makes learning easy by providing the latest real-life examples to connect the known stories to the unknown concepts.”


Since its inception, Zell has impacted over 10,000 students to build their careers in Accounting and Finance. Accredited as a Gold Approved Learning Partner of ACCA (UK), Zell has produced consistent rank-holders at the national & international levels. The launch of Nimbus along with other benefits from digital like learning at your pace, time flexibility amongst others will lead to a better learning experience for students, thus improving efficiency.

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