Zhang Weiguang team makes progress in human talar interior vascular three-dimensional model research

Peking: Research of talar interior vascular three-dimensional reconstruction by Professor Zhang Weiguang from Peking University School of Basic Medical Sciences and his team won Arthroscopy Journal Award for Basic Science Research Excellence. The research applied micro-computed tomography and constructed a precise 3D model of human talar interior blood vessels, which for the first time realized a precise reconstruction of micro blood vessels (d=50μm) inside human talus and performed a quantitative study of their 3D structures.

In recent years, Professor Zhang Weiguang and his clinical anatomy research team have been collaborating with the departments of orthopaedics and sports medicine from PKU Third Hospital and Beijing Jishuitan Hospital. They have been focusing on the translational medical research of internal bone micro vascular 3D structure, and published more than ten research papers in last three years. The award-winning research was published last year in the 10th volume of Arthroscopy. It is the first award domestic research has won in recent five years.