Zhejiang University: A glimpse into ZJU’s gymnasium for Asian Games 2022

Zijingang Gymnasium is located in the Sports Complex to the north of the main east gate on Zijingang Campus. During the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, basketball matches will be held here.

The gymnasium’s circular shape, anchored by the cables protruding from the four trusses, is recognizable as a router that transmits signals.

The renovation began in February 2020. The main structure and the façade remain unchanged, while extensive renovations have been carried out to functional spaces, such as basketball courts, spectator areas, media and broadcast areas, security and transportation facilities.

On the northeast of the gymnasium stands the basketball warm-up venue, which used to be an open-air swimming pool. In February 2020, the original pool was reconstructed into two new warm-up courts, one athletes’ lounge and relevant function rooms. Between the gymnasium and the warm-up venue is a newly-built 140-meter-long corridor, through which athletes can go directly to the gymnasium.

While renovating the gymnasium and the warm-up venue, Zhejiang University has followed the concept of hosting the Asian Games in an economical manner and has taken into consideration the sustainability of the venues after the Asian Games.

On July 8, 2020, the Organizing Committee of the 19th Asian Games and Zhejiang University signed a cooperation framework agreement in the domains of artificial intelligence, volunteer services, consulting services, talent training, healthcare and the culture of the Asian Games.

Over the past year, such cutting-edge technologies developed by Zhejiang University as display robots and AR / VR have provided technical support for the Asian Games. Four projects have been selected into the All-in-one Stop of the Smart Asian Games. Among them, the first “Smart Seal Carving” function which combines AI and seal carving fuses traditional Chinese art into the All-in-one Stop and embarks on an unusual cultural journey.

In addition, Zhejiang University will provide high-quality volunteer services for the Asian Games. At present, it is working on the recruitment and training of 4,000 volunteers.

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