Zhejiang University: A Series of Chinese Classics on Leisure makes its debut at Zhejiang University

On the morning of September 30, A Series of Chinese Classics on Leisure made its debut in the Zhejiang University Library of Ancient Books. This series is based on the basic principles of leisure studies and catalogued by comprehensive, cultural and recreational entries. It contains 310 volumes covering a total of 550 kinds of literature in chronological order. It is the first time that the basic literature regarding Chinese leisure has been systematically compiled.

HUANG Xianhai, vice president of Zhejiang University, and PANG Xuequan, editor-in-chief of the Series and director of Zhejiang University Tourism and Leisure Institute, unveiled the Series. WANG Qiang, general manager of Beijing Caiweige Bookstore, donated books to the Library of Zhejiang University.

HUANG said in his speech that the Series is another major achievement indicative of Zhejiang University’s cutting-edge research into leisure studies. It is expected that Zhejiang University will draw on this opportunity to promote research into Chinese leisure.

“The Series provides a complete reservoir of academic materials for leisure studies from the perspective of traditional Chinese culture. It will definitely be beneficial to the discipline and future generations,” said WANG Jun, a professor of Philosophy at Zhejiang University.

WANG Qiang expressed his hope that the Series will provide useful reference for a healthy and civilized lifestyle and offer much help in establishing an indigenous theory on leisure.