Zhejiang University hosts the delegation from SUTD

On the afternoon of June 1, a delegation from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), led by President Chong Tow Chong and Provost Phoon Kok Kwang, visited Zhejiang University. REN Shaobo, chairman of the Zhejiang University Council, met with the guests. Also present at the meeting were ZJU Vice President HE Lianzhen and the directors of the Office of Global Engagement, the Development and Liaison Office and the International Design Institute.

REN Shaobo and Chong Tow Chong gave a general overview of talent cultivation, discipline development and social services at ZJU and SUTD respectively, and reviewed the partnership between the two universities. Looking ahead, the two sides agreed that they would jointly explore the cooperation mode between universities and industries, strengthen students’ practical work and cultivate innovative talents by launching a tripartite joint educational program. Meanwhile, they would promote research cooperation through the joint applications for research funding projects, thereby making greater contributions to deepening friendship.

Later, the two universities held a seminar regarding future cooperation. Both sides were delighted at the efforts and achievements made in student exchanges, course development, research cooperation and faculty exchanges. They also discussed upcoming cooperative projects in academic exchanges and innovative teaching. The seminar was chaired by LI Min, director of the Office of Global Engagement. Also present at the seminar were the persons-in-charge of the School of Management, the ZJU-UIUC Institute and the International Design Institute.

SUTD is Singapore’s fourth public university. With the support of the Chinese and Singaporean governments, ZJU and SUTD signed an official cooperative agreement on faculty and student exchanges, curriculum development, faculty training and scientific research in 2010. The two universities set up the Administrative Committee on Cooperation, which meets twice a year to ensure institutional and sustainable cooperation. In 2019, the two universities co-launched the International Conference on Technology and Design where experts, scholars and representatives from renowned universities, research institutes, industry organizations and innovative enterprises all over the world met to exchange ideas on technology and design. So far, this conference has been successfully held for four times.