Zhejiang University: ZJU establishes School of Physics

The Department of Physics was renamed the School of Physics on March 11.

President WU Zhaohui expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Prof. LIN Haiqing, a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, for joining the Zhejiang University community as dean of the School of Physics. He hoped that the School of Physics would gear up efforts to build the world’s leading discipline, open up new vistas for physics tuned in to China’s key strategic needs, and lead the high-quality development of basic disciplines. Zhejiang University will unswervingly support the development of physics and provide more generous support for the construction of the School of Physics.

Prof. Lin also thanked the ZJU community for their trust and support. “ZJU has produced a galaxy of talents in physics and created a pinnacle in the history of physics in China. It is a glorious mission and a great responsibility to develop the School of Physics. I will work together with faculty and students to construct a world-class discipline,” said Prof. Lin.

“If the School of Physics were compared to an atom, the faculty would be electrons revolving around the nucleus in a specific orbit. We will make every endeavor to find an effective means to stimulate the electrons to a higher orbit so as to increase the activity of the atom and radiate photons. This kind of atom can couple better with the outside world, thus generating new physics and phenomena that will contribute their light and heat to the development of the University and society,” said Prof. WANG Haohua, representing the faculty and students to express determination in building a world-class School of Physics.

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