Zhejiang University: ZJU, LMU Munich renew partnership commitment

Zhejiang University and LMU Munich have renewed an agreement to work together to develop strategic collaborations for advancing knowledge, research and innovation.

ZJU Vice President YAN Jianhua and LMU Vice President Francesca Biagini signed an Agreement for Joint Doctoral Studies on December 17 as a latest step in the development of co-supervision mechanisms.

“With this Agreement, Zhejiang University will establish a scholarship to support our PhD candidates to study at LMU Munich,” said Prof. Yan, expressing the hope to integrate PhD mobility closely with joint research between faculty members.

During the virtual meeting, ZJU Vice President HE Lianzhen also signed an Extension of the Partnership Agreement that will allow the two universities to set aside joint seed funds to incentivize research collaborations.

“It’s true now we are separated, but in spirit we are closer than ever,” said Prof. Biagini, adding that both institutions need to make sure that cooperation can thrive even more.

Prof. HE echoed this point by suggesting that both universities “can work together to help construct a new social contract for education, as the UNESCO put it recently, and contribute to global welfare.”

Founded in 1472, LMU Munich has been supported consecutively by Germany’s Excellence Initiative. ZJU entered into a university-wide partnership with LMU Munich in 2014 and was one of the founding members of the LMU-China Academic Network (ChAN).