Zhejiang University: ZJU4H becomes Zhejiang’s first Grade V Level B hospital in connectivity

At the 16th China Health Information Technology/ Healthcare Big Data Application Exchange Conference held on July 10, the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of the Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZJU4H) was rated as a Grade V Level B hospital in China Health Information Connectivity Standardization Maturity Assessment, which is the highest level in this regard in China.

In May, the assessment panel conducted an on-site inspection of ZJU4H and lauded its remarkable information infrastructure. In recent years, ZJU4H has incessantly promoted the digital transformation of medical care and placed itself at the forefront of medical digital reform in Zhejiang Province and even in China by taking a series of measures. For example, it has launched the “voice interaction” function in self-service machines and put into use a regular 5G drone transport route and the province’s first automatic blood collection robot.

In early 2021, ZJU4H established the first mobile digital hospital in Zhejiang Province, offering a wide spectrum of mobile medical services, such as micro consultation rooms, CT, brightness-mode ultrasound, EGG, blood and laboratory tests, remote consultation and mobile nursing. So far, it has brought immense convenience to more than 13,000 people in 7 counties.

ZJU4H has also pioneered in smart medical buildings. Digital Application Standards for Smart Buildings in Medical Institutions is drafted and edited by ZJU4H. By summarizing China’s experience and drawing on international standards, it provides expert guidance on the construction and the digital governance of intelligent hospitals in China.