Zilla Parishad Primary School constructed by Volkswagen India receives Gold certification for National Excellence by the Indian Green Building Council

Hyderabad: Volkswagen India’s primary school building in Phadke-Wasti, Nighoje, Pune received ‘Gold Certification’ by the Indian Green Building Council. The school building was inaugurated on World Environment Day, 2018 and over the last one-year the school has conducted multiple engagement activities within the school like celebrating festivals wherein environmental friendly practices were hosted, hosting Green Club to provide experiential learning for the children around recycle, reuse and sustainability. The school was constructed by Volkswagen India as part of their contribution towards Government’s skill development initiative. The school building has the capacity to accommodate 120 students.

The aim of Indian Green Building Council is to guide and certify the construction of sustainable environments that make optimum use of natural resources, conserve energy, utilize recycled materials, and minimize waste. The school was evaluated for Green Certification on the basis of eight parameters including site selection and planning, conserving and harvesting energy, sustainable water practices, and internal environment quality. Indian Green Building Council has certified the school with Gold certification after the school scored 86 points out of 110.

Volkswagen India had undertaken various activities in the construction process like architectural design, civil engineering, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, and interior designing which was managed completely by in-house experts in the company’s plant engineering department.

Speaking on receiving the certification, Mr. Gurpratap Boparai, Managing Director, Volkswagen India said, “Education is a key aspect for growth and having the right infrastructure makes a world of difference in the early stages of child’s development. We are honoured that the school we have built has received the Gold certification for National Excellence by the Indian Green Building Council. Over the last one year, we have worked with different communities to find out how Volkswagen can help build a sustainable environment that helps provide growth and development in the long-term. Volkswagen India is actively contributing to the development of these communities through different social initiatives.”