ZinEdu, India’s Leading Ed-Tech Company Announces ‘JEE-UTSAV’

New Delhi : ZinEdu, India’s leading Ed-Tech company today announced that it has come up with a unique initiative of conducting a JEE-UTSAV for JEE students all over the country. The ‘JEE – UTSAV’ will be conducted online from 16th to 19th of July, 2021 and students from all over the country can participate in it.
For the JEE – UTSAV, ZinEdu will be solely dedicating 20 sets of senior faculties each from Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics field to solve students’ doubts which can be sent on WhatsApp through the link on home page of ZinEdu i.e. zinedu.com. A coordinating team will ensure that queries are answered by the dedicated faculties in the shortest possible time. The purpose of this UTSAV is to solve the queries of aspirants and remove any doubt from the minds of the students. This will boost students’ confidence and ensure that they get the best rank in JEE.
Speaking on this initiative Mr. Prashant Sharma, Founder & CEO, ZinEdu says “The pressure and stress of JEE can have adverse effects on the mind of the students and that is where we aim to be the problem solver. With an experienced team of teachers & counsellors, we believe in the overall development of the students. ZinEdu firmly believes that students need to be mentally at peace in order to succeed in such competitive national examinations.”
ZinEdu’s vision is to reach out to students in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities who do not have the access to basic facilities but have the potential to excel academically. ZinEdu is aiming for the UTSAV to be a recurring event in the future.

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