Zini Secures CSR Funding from HDFC Banks 5th Parivartan Grant

Mumbai : Zini, India’s first AI-powered virtual physician app was recently selected for the 5th Annual Parivartan Grant undertaken by HDFC Bank.  The 85 winners were Granted the total allocation of 35 crores from which ZINI was awarded a sum of 25.5 Lakhs for this year. The money will be equally utilised in the 3 Zini clinics – a.k.a the 5-minute clinics.

The criteria were addressed basis the organisation’s response to the evolving problems related to the environment, healthcare sectors, and gender diversity. These grants are aimed to nurture organisations offering unique solutions to bring about sustainable change in society and the environment. These grants have been offered under the aegis of #Parivartan, the flagship CSR program for the bank’s social initiatives. Zini made their pitch on a virtual platform provided by HDFC Bank with the foremost criteria for evaluation being the potential impact the organisation could deliver on the parameters set by the bank.

Commenting on the win, Dr. Rohit Sharma, CEO, and Founder, Zini.ai, said, Zini.ai was started with an aim to make expert medical advice accessible to everyone. The huge gap between the doctor and patient ratio is very high, hence we are driving this application with the thought of reducing it to the minimum. We are very delighted with the win, all the money granted shall be utilised in providing adequate supplies and medical help to every possible corner of this country by our application. The new investment will envision the path towards growth and enable us to strengthen our existing technology for the one who needs it the most.”

Zini.ai is India’s first AI-powered, voice-based virtual physician designed by a team of experienced doctors and techies. Founded by Dr. Rohit Sharma in 2017, Zini provides genuine expert medical guidance and directs patients to seek timely medical help. Accessible through an app, Zini allows users to ‘Talk to Zini’ about any medical symptom or health issues. With an Alexa-like experience, the app can evaluate 950+ health symptoms, and 300+ diseases, provide a detailed report, recommend the best course of action, and share details of nearby medical facilities that a patient can reach out to.

Zini has been trained on medical data very specific to the Indian population. Over the last few years, Zini’s medical team of 50+ doctors have curated a database of symptoms, the reasons behind them, and the possible course of action for the symptoms. Available on Android, and windows, a user can download the app and start using Zini as their personal health guide. With ‘open conversational abilities’, Zini allows users to talk to ZINI’ in natural language or as a free text-based chat. Currently, ZINI is able to have a thorough symptom-based conversation with people in 4 languages, namely, English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Bangla. Each user gets a Unique Global Health ID where all the relevant information about the patient gets recorded. Patients have complete control over whom to share their health information with and for how long using this unique ID a.k.a as GHID.