ZJU wins “Challenge Cup” with 8 gold medals

On December 9, the 12th “Challenge Cup” National College Student Business Plan Competition was concluded at Northeast Forestry University. Zhejiang University clinched an all-time high eight gold medals and won the highest accolade of the competition—the Challenge Cup—thanks to the highest total score and the largest number of gold medals.


The competition made its debut in 1999, and as of 2000, it has been held every two years. It is currently one of the most popular national innovation and entrepreneurship competitions in China. This year’s competition attracted about 179,000 projects from 2,786 schools nationwide.

Introduction of award-winning teams

1. Giant Print Technology—A bottleneck breaker in micro-LED mass transfer technology

Recommended by School of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Team members: ZHU Jinye, ZHU Hanchi, LINHU Changhong, LUO Hongyu, LI Chenglong, OU Dongni, WEI Tianji, LV Mengqi, JIANG Meicheng and ZHAO Ruiting

Advisor: SONG Jizhou

Giant Print Technology has developed a new micro-LED mass transfer method which can improve efficiency by 20,000 times and reduce costs by over 50% as compared to traditional transfer methods. It owns independent intellectual property rights and in the future, it will produce micro-LED panels and sell them to electronics manufacturers so that more people can gain access to high-quality micro-LED displays, thus promoting China’s cutting-edge display technology to the world.


2. SpicyData—Empower data annotation with technological innovation

Recommended by College of Media and International Culture and College of Computer Science and Technology.

Team members: LIN Qunshu, ZHAO Zijian, WANG Junxiang, DENG Qianyi, DUAN Yuqing, WANG Yi’an, WANG Shiyu, LI Xinrui, CHEN Pei and WANG Zixu

Advisors: ZHANG Fangming, ZHENG Gang and REN Shuai

The data crowdsourcing platform developed by Spicy Data can dispatch netizens with idle labor across the Internet in an intelligent manner to complete such tasks as data annotation and data review with high efficiency and high quality with the support of platform algorithms. It provides data customization, finished datasets and SaaS services for artificial intelligence companies or research institutes, etc., thus solving a series of tough problems with traditional data customization plans, including slow speeds, low qualities and high prices.


3. Smart Rice-fish Culture—Enable farmers to reap abundant harvests in rice and fishery

Recommended by College of Life Sciences.

Team members: ZHU Zhiyi, ZHANG Xindi, HUANG Ziyi, QIU Yibei, LI Mengxuan, ZHANG Danhua, WU Fengchao, LIU Zhihang, ZHAO Lufeng and TIAN Wanli

Advisors: CHEN Xin, TANG Jianjun and LIU Yuan

The Smart Rice-fish Culture is committed to promoting a green, organic and eco-friendly model that integrates rice production and aquaculture. It boosts the quality of rice paddies for yields, thus lifting local farmers out of poverty and realizing rural revitalization. The project effectively promotes the development of economy in the remote and border areas, and propels the upgrading of the agricultural structure and the transformation of old and new dynamics.


4. Azure Defense—An innovator in the global voice security industry

Recommended by College of Electrical Engineering.

Team members: ZHANG Guoming, LI Hongbo, YU Qianjing, LIANG Letian, CHEN Zhengju, JIN Jiaying, DING Ziyu, LUO Yuzhe and XIE Yi

Advisors: XU Wenyuan, JI Xiaoyu and GUO Bin

On the strength of a massive database provided by the attack and defense drill system, the Azure Defense team has developed the “Dolphin Security Guard”, an attack protection software system with good soundless command detection and defense capabilities. The team has provided security protection schemes for many smartphones, power grid control devices and inspection robots, and has gradually promoted relevant standards to industrial and civilian fields, thus filling the void in terms of regulations related to the voice security industry in China.


5. Yisai Technology—A leader in in-vehicle optical display technology in China

Recommended by College of Optical Science and Engineering.

Team members: YU Zeqing, LU Hao, XU Bingqing, YUE Boxiong, FU Xiao, LIN Zihui, LI Guoliang, MA Qianli, WANG Xinyu and LOU Zhenyou

Advisor: ZHENG Zhenrong

Yisai Technology is committed to research into smart in-vehicle head-up displays which present data without requiring drivers to lowering their heads so as to ensure safe and comfortable driving. By drawing on an innovative free-form technology, the team has contrived a complete scheme for the optical system, thereby becoming China’s trend-setter in research and development of in-vehicle displays.


6. Fight Against ‘Aldehyde’—The world’s first solution to decomposing formaldehyde pollutants efficiently

Recommended by Department of Chemistry.

Team members: QIAN Zhiqiang, LIANG Jiahe, ZHANG Ling, JI Yuhuan, JIANG Chenxing, LI Xufeng, ZHAO Shuqi, YANG Yiheng, MAO Fangning and CHEN Zifeng

Advisors: XIAO Fengshou and WANG Xiaoyi

The “Fight Against Aldehyde” team has pioneered in developing HZP—a platinum-based nano catalyst with the hydrophobic zeolite molecular sieve as a carrier, which can capture and decompose formaldehyde once it is discovered. The HZP-removal porcelain has 4 core advantages: high efficiency, great convenience, enduring effects and remarkable safety. The aldehyde removal efficiency reaches 96.3% at room temperature and no consumption or secondary pollution will occur during the process.


7. GoPrint—A pioneer in smart mobile printing

Recommended by College of Information Science & Electronic Engineering.

Team members: CHEN Tianrun, LI Yunshuang, YANG Zongsen, ZHEN Zhijie, LIU Fanxin, WU Chenkai, CHU Ruiqiong, XU Peng, XU Zihan and ZHENG Weizhou

Advisors: LIU Jingjiang, OUYANG Runqing and MAO Shengjian

GoPrint is an innovative smart hardware created independently by undergraduate students. It is portable and practical. Though it is miniature in size, it can print materials several times larger than its own area. The team has explored a brand new application scenario to promote mobile offices in the digital era. GoPrint shows great promise as a unique gadget in the future market.



8. I-Dub—An AI-empowered voice creation platform

Recommended by College of Media and International Culture and College of Computer Science and Technology.

Team members: JIN Ruoxi, TAN Huiwen, Buyintana, WANG Meilin, YIN Yang, YAO Min, XU Shuting, ZHANG Mengmeng and YU Jiaxing

Advisors: ZHANG Kejun, WANG Jing and JIANG Hao

I-Dub focuses on the sound simulation technology in film and television post-production. It is committed to integrating sound simulation with artificial intelligence and improving the status quo of “one-size-fits-all” sound simulation and dubbing in post-production by using video action recognition and voice recognition automatic dubbing as a core technology and the sound library as a core resource. It has thus improved the efficiency of post-production and contributed to the optimization and upgrading of the sound simulation industry with the support of AI.