18th Annual Science Awards of Dr. K.V. Rao Scientific Society presented


Hyderabad: Dr. K.V. Rao Scientific Society which has been promoting Science at various levels of education for the past 17years today presented its 18th Annual Science Awards here in the city at B. M. Birla Science Center today.

Welcoming the gathering Dr. K. Ratna, Secretary of the society said the Annual Science Awards include Awards to Research Scholars and School students. These awards are presented for celebrating excellence in Science.

Prof Anurag Kumar, Director of Indian Institute of Scicence, Bangalore deliver Dr. K.V. Rao Memorial Oration on Cyber Physical System(CPS) and The Internet of Things(IoT) Technology and Prospects.

Speaking on the subject he said, CPS is an application (IoT is a platform) that is controlled or monitored by computer-based algorithms, tightly integrated with the Internet and its users. The CPS gained National Prominence when Prime Minister of India Modi talked about it at Indian Science Congress in January 2017 and recently in 2018 Budge, Union Finance Minister is mentioned about it.

CPS has great potential to transform innovators ecosystem. He cited few examples such as Cyber Tyre, which infers road condition, can determine grip and warn about skidding. He also talked about Wireless Tyre Sensors which when fitted to tyres, can harvest energy from its motion. So that there is no need to change Car Battery. He also spoke this application in Digital Agriculture, which when used can detect pest activity. It can be used in water networks. It can detect leaks, monitor water quality and can do automatic pumping.

CPS application can be useful to old people living alone. When the touch regular objects like keys, refregirator, door etc can be monitored. If there is a change in use pattern, it will signal the family members or doctor that something has gone wrong.

Speaking further Prof. Anurag Kumar said in the year 2007 there were ten to 20 devices per person. This will change. Soon, when IoT(Internet of Things) become reality, each person will be connected with well over 1000 devices. Number of connected devices over the next decade will be 25 to 50 billion by the year 2025, he said. And concluded that CPS and IoT are still in the stages of growth like the internet was in 1970s and 1980s.

During the function 12th Annual Science Quiz Awards were presented to the winners, who received Rs 4000/- each cash prize and runner-up team will receive Rs 3000/- each cash prize. 800 students from across two Telugu states competed for the awards.

15th School Talent Awards were presented to six selected candidates. These six students received a scholarship of Rs 5000/- each. Dr. K.V. Rao Society conducts an interactive program for school students selected by TSCOST and APCOST to present the respective states in National Children Science Congress.

7th SPARK Innovation Awards were also be presented to winners, runner-up-I and runner-up-II Rs 10,000/-, 7,500/- and 5000/- respectively. 140 teams and 500 students from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and Kerala submitted 33 projects. A panel of eminent scientists judged the projects and winner, and two runners-up were picked up for the cash prize.

Research Scholars presented 18th Annual Research Awards on occasion. These awards were presented in the broad fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. Research Scholars below 30years from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and Kerala are considered for the awards. 120 research students from various research institutes and organizations applied for the awards. Winners in each category will receive Rs 20,000/-, while the other selected research students get Rs 10,000/- each.

Dr. K.V Rao Society has been working hard for the past 17years for the cause of popularizing science among school children and enthusing young minds towards pursuing a career in science.

The Society was founded in the memory of Dr. K.V Rao, an eminent Scientist of yester years who worked with Geological Survey of India by his family members. The family has donated Dr. K.V. Rao’s house worth Rs 2 crore to the society admeasuring 4000sft, located in Jubilee Hills. This will be used as a Science Laboratory during the day and Hobby Center in the night for the benefit of the underprivileged children.

Dr. K.V Society was started the family of Dr. K.V. Rao with their own funds. This is very rare in the present system. Dr. Rao is an eminent scientist who worked with Geological Survey of India and retired in 1978.

Dr. Rao’s study of the effect of environmental pollution on Taj Mahal, Charminar and various other monuments and weathering profiles and preservation of monuments like Gomateswara statue at Sravana Belgola, Buddhist monuments in Sankaram, Thousand Pillar Temple in Hanumakonda is praise worthy. Dr. Rao was the founder Secretary of Hyderabad Science Association. The work of the Association was appreciated by the State Government and led to the formation of AP Academy of Science. His unfulfilled dream was to establish a Science Museum in Hyderabad.

Today student’s interest in Science subject has been dwindling day by day, in the country. The glamour for science has gone down. Science Labs in educational institutions are in deplorable conditions. A foundation like Dr. K.V. Rao Scientific Society wants to come forward to wake up the government. The K.V. Rao Scientific Society urges schools to play a role of enthusing people to respect science. The school must see that more students opt science, practice science and develop science.