Asahi Japanese Language School-First-of-its-kind Japanese Language institute providing employment opportunities to its students


New Delhi: Asahi Japanese Language School is a first-of-its-kind Japanese language institute which brings together the best teaching methods along with interesting, interactive sessions with various Japanese industry experts. As of October 2016, there were over 4,500 Japanese businesses established across India, a number that’s continuing to grow. Recognizing the growing demand for Japanese language and the increasing career prospects of Japanese language, the Asahi Japanese Language School was formed.

The school has a different and unique approach as students engage and have fun while they learn. Their classes are based on holistic learning, giving the students, a far greater understanding of Japan than just the language. It is one of the few Japanese language institutes in Delhi which provides Japanese Language Courses, from beginner to advanced level. The school provides students with flexible class schedules for weekday and weekend courses. In addition to the normal course, the school provides special short-term course, Business & IT Japanese course and Tourism Business Japanese course.

The school is built on stellar experience and is a part of the GTR Group that was formed to provide essential assistance for students taking the JLPT-Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Students who prepare for the JLPT-Japanese Language Proficiency Test can seek internships and placements in both India and Japan. The test is conducted in India by Japan Foundation, New Delhi, as a reliable means of evaluating and certifying the Japanese proficiency.

Mr. Selyucus Markus, Director, Operations, says, “Asahi Japanese Language School not only aims at making students learn the Japanese language but also provide employment opportunities to them both in India and Japan. Today there is a huge scope of learning Japanese language and the idea is to also help students understand the Japanese culture, paving the way for a successful career.”

The school has helped thousands of students reach their full potential and achieve the results they’ve been aiming for. Presenting opportunities for both professionals and firms searching for partnerships, there’s an increasing need for individuals based in New Delhi to understand and get acquainted with both the culture and language of Japan. The experts and tutors at Asahi, bridge that gap to allow you to seize the opportunities that come your way.

Asahi Japanese Language School is partnered with Tokyo’s premier Japanese language institutes where students get an option to explore part time work opportunities in Japan while studying in Tokyo. Asahi- GTR group have tied up with one of the best recruitment firms in Japan, which helps students to get connected to the right people and companies which provide them with various career options. The school not only aims at offering brighter career prospects and better working relationships but also helps individuals understand and embrace Japanese culture.