300 laboratories and cutting edge platforms make research available to businesses for first time

Paris: Université Paris-Saclay and SATT Paris-Saclay, a company dedicated to transferring innovations from academic research to industry, have established a single platform for SMEs to access data from 300 scientific laboratories and experimental platforms. This new ‘Plug-in labs’ digital portal aims to promote scientific expertise on a global scale, benefitting not only businesses, but increasing the awareness of all academic research.

The database and interface was first created in 2014 in Brittany and is now ready to be extended across France and overseas.

The project is divided into two areas that have been developed to meet SMEs’ needs; the ‘Plug-in labs Université Paris-Saclay’ innovation web portal, and ‘TechMeetings by Université Paris-Saclay’ which allows businesses and researchers to collaborate.

By making the ‘Plug-in labs’ connection tool a worldwide centre for innovation, the link between public research centres and companies will be reinforced, benefitting entrepreneurs and preparing businesses to deal with our ever-complex world.

The regularly updated database contains business expertise, equipment and technological developments from a large variety of laboratories, it also provides businesses with training and lifelong programmes. The digital platform provides key resources, activities and events.

This platform will help businesses to grow, boosting their efficiency, innovation and technological development. While allowing companies to learn from scientific laboratories, they can identify potential partners for future projects and help develop a scientific eco-system. This builds a base for industrial innovation that helps businesses remain competitive, recognising that research is critical to the economic and social development of society, and continual scientific progression is essential for corporate success.