6 Essential Tips for Buying Auto Spare Parts Online

Being a car owner is one of the best achievements that most of us go through in our lives. Yes, that feeling when you finally own the car that you desire is really great. However, the nature of mechanisms is to get worn out over time and similar to all the machines over this world, your car also runs over an engine and other mechanical parts that run down over time.

The solution?

It’s obvious that the solution lies behind going for a repair. However, this is where the trouble starts for the majority of car owners. In countries like India, the auto parts market is huge, you might find an automotive repair or spare store on almost every corner of the streets. Another thing that you need to understand is that a majority of these auto parts sellers sell products that are duplicate or a cheap copy.

Reason? The increased amount of competition that has occurred over the markets. The increasing car owners have increased the number of demand for spare parts, due to which there has been a significant increase in retailers and a number of companies that are experts around selling fake products. While you might think to be a great deal if you have stricken a nice deal on your automobile spare, you might not be knowing the hazards that it comes with.

Let’s check it out!

Hazards of Settling for a Counterfeit Spare Part for Your Automobile

  • Your car might catch fire or your engine might get seized: Yes, when you settle for fake spares, you risk your car’s engine health and the extreme situations of the same can lead it to cause a fire.
  • Your brakes might not work effectively: When you settle for a cheaper brake pad, you are at a higher risk of losing braking efficiency in your car, leading to accidents.
  • Accidents over electrical hazards: Yes, you might also lead your car to a risk of electrical hazard when you risk replacing your spare parts with a fake and ineffective spare.
  • Reduce the shelf life of your automobile: You are risking your car’s health, every time you go for a cheaper and fake spare replacement.

Thinking about a solution? Relax, we have it sorted for you.

 Boodmo is one such service provider that helps you get genuine spare parts at the comfort of your home. This online platform has changed the landscape around buying and selling spare parts online. This platform provides owners with all the possible spare parts that they need, over different categories of cars, segregated by brands. You can buy your’s here https://boodmo.com/


Now, let’s have a quick look into 6 essential tips that will help you for buying auto spares parts from an online platform:

1.    Keep a Keen Eye on Your Manufacturer Details

When you buy your spare parts online, chances are that you might come across websites that will entice you with a heavy form of discounts and other attractive prices. While this might just feel like the perfect steal deal, remember, you need to look beyond those tempting offers to get you spares.


To begin with, you have to understand the functionality that is provided by the online spare that you are seeing, if it matches your needs or not. When you come across spare parts that you aren’t clear about, you should always refer to the details of the manufacturer and check if they have a brand presence or not.

2.    Compare, Compare & Compare!

When you buy your spare parts from an online store, it is essential that you have done your comparison well. To do the same, it is always advisable that you research all the types of markets that are offering you the product and note down the suggested rates.


The reason behind the same being that a number of providers might offer you a competitive price for your product.

3.    Check Out for the OEM Number

OEM numbers are your safest bet around purchasing genuine spare parts online. OEM numbers are the numbers that are listed with actual manufacturers. In short, it works like a two way authentication when you buy your spare parts online.


Always compare your OEM before you buy spare parts online!

4.    Don’t Get Carried away by Lucrative Offers

Yes, it is extremely necessary for you to not get carried away by the tempting offers that you see on the internet. Most times, these websites are fake and sell fake spare products online. It is always necessary to spot the heavy discounts that are offered by websites.


Beware of the heavy discounts that might tempt you!

5.    Look Out for Exchange Policies

Yes, your work doesn’t only end once you have purchased your spare part online. It is also necessary for you to keep an eye on the exchange policies that are provided by them. Websites with exchange policies are more likely to be genuine!

6.    Check Out Delivery Rates

Yes, this is also a place where you need to keep an eye on certain websites that have a tendency to mislead customers with additional taxes and shipping charges. The reason behind the same being that these companies don’t really provide you with any discounts. Beware!


We hope that the suggested essential steps will help you purchase genuine spare parts online. Remember, Boodmo has you covered over all the necessary spare parts that you need, segregated over brands and models.


All the best for making a genuine spare purchase, the next time you purchase online!