A new direction of study in the magistracy of PetrSU

On April 1, a career guidance event was held for potential applicants of the new budget master’s program “National Worldview in Language, Literature and Culture” (training direction – “Philology”), which is opening in 2021. The event was attended by the faculty and students of different profiles of the bachelor’s degree at the Institute of Philology.
Head of the master’s program – head. Department of the Russian language, Doctor of Philology, Professor Natalya Viktorovna Patroeva – spoke about the mission of the new master ‘s program “National picture of the world in language, literature and culture” , the content of the curriculum, the peculiarities of the educational process for students of master’s programs, as well as the rules of admission and admission in the magistracy of the Institute of Philology.

N.V. Patroeva emphasized that the problems of embodying the national image of the world in works of literature and culture are relevant in modern philology and can be of interest to everyone who is interested in linguistics, literary criticism, and journalism. The broad culturological and humanitarian topics of the new magistracy will allow its future graduates to enter postgraduate studies or find themselves in the profession faster, having received deep and versatile knowledge during their studies in the magistracy, new skills and abilities related to translation activities, literary editing of the text, interpretation of works of Russian and world fiction, teaching in higher education, academic communication, scientific design.

Head Natalya Gennadievna Sharapenkova, Chair of Germanic Philology and Scandinavian Studies, spoke about the learning opportunities that she provides in the new philological master’s program in the scientific and educational spheres, in the field of intercultural communication and the media. In-depth training on the principle of modular education in the field of Russian, Germanic and Finno-Ugric languages ​​and literatures, supported by many years of scientific and methodological experience of leading professors and associate professors of the Institute of Philology, aimed at developing the best traditions of its scientific and pedagogical schools, widely known in Russia and for its frontiers, expands the palette of areas of professional growth of graduates of the master’s program “National picture of the world in language, literature and culture”, as well as the degree of their success in the labor market.