A new Master’s program opens at PetrSU

The program “New Sources and Methods in Philological Research” opens at the Institute of Philology of PetrSU.
You can choose this Master’s profile if you want:

to develop a new concept of Russian literature as Christian literature;
possess digital technologies for creating an information product and transferring knowledge;
to prepare various types of publications at a high level of traditional practice, to publish world-class periodicals;
develop new ideas, concepts and methods in philological research and education.
What is this master’s program about?

This is a promising interdisciplinary program that focuses on the training of highly qualified specialists in the application of digital technologies in scientific research, pedagogical, traditional and media practice.

Philology is the doctrine of words and the Word in their historical and modern existence. The scientific object of study of the master’s program is Russian literature. As part of the program, it is updated and implemented in the integration of classical humanitarian knowledge and information technology.

How is the training going?

At the beginning of their studies, the supervisor will help the graduate student to create a personal curriculum and develop their own individual curriculum. A master’s degree requires two academic years. The program operates in Russian.

The curriculum of the master’s program includes multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary courses devoted to both fundamental and practical scientific problems:

Scientific design in philology
Information technology in philological research
Translation: electronic dictionaries, information and digital services
Textual criticism in the modern scientific paradigm
Traditional theory and practice
Ethnopoetics of Russian literature
Russian novel of the twentieth century
Handwritten sources of the life and work of Dostoevsky
Digital technologies in Dostoevsky Studies
Methodology for studying the work of Dostoevsky
Internship programs

Scientific and discussion workshop in the field of oral communication.
Implementation of a scientific and educational project.
Pedagogical practice in higher education.
Educational practices are conducted on the basis of the Department of Classical Philology, Russian Literature and Journalism of PetrSU, a web laboratory, a textual group of PetrSU, specialized organizations of the Republic of Karelia, FBSU “Russian State Library”.

What diploma will the student receive ?

Master of Philology, teacher.

Where will graduates be able to find a job?

The Master’s program “New Sources and Methods in Philological Research” opens the door to careers in science, education, media, public relations, politics – wherever flexibility, versatility and innovation are the norm in a rapidly changing job market.

A graduate of the program will be able to continue his studies in postgraduate studies at leading research centers in Russia and abroad.

The Institute of Philology provides an opportunity during training to undergo an internship at the Russian State Library (Moscow), to participate in exchange programs abroad.