Academic English: training at Sechenov for medical students

The University staff will talk about the essential communication skills needed for a successful international career.

The Sechenov International Online School (SIOS) has launched an intensive course on Professional communication in English for medical students. This training includes online lectures and workshops, teamwork, project presentations, and case studies. The sessions are to take place every day on 19–23 October 2020 from 10:00 to 14:00 (MST, GMT+3).

This English-language course is organised by the Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication (Sechenov University). The number of the attendees is limited, so please register online at Here you can also find the extended programme.

The speakers are Irina Markovina, Professor, Director of the Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication; Jonathan McFarland, Associate Professor, Head of the Academic Writing Office; Istvan Lenart, Associate Professor; and Alexandr Zaytsev, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the Academic Writing Office.

The participants will have a chance to improve the following skills: interaction at conferences, academic writing in English, presentation of a scientific report, research article writing, and clinical case reporting. The lecturers will also discuss the role that the humanities play in modern medical science and talk about intercultural competence in professional communication.