Activities in digital mode is need of the time: Madhya Pradesh Governor Tandon

Bhopal : A new work culture is being developed at Raj Bhavan by Governor Shri Lalji Tandon to combat Covid-19. Along with the Raj Bhavan Secretariat, a work style is being developed following social distancing in conducting other activities at the Governor House. In addition to conducting secretariat’s work online, various activities are being conducted in digital mode. Shri Tandon reviewed the digitization work of Raj Bhavan today. He himself observed the digital issue of Raj Bhavan’s newsletter ‘Pravah” on computer and Gave the necessary instructions for addition and changes in it. He also reviewed the website’s University Monitoring System Dashboard.

Shri Tandon said that transparency is the basis of strengthening democratic values. An atmosphere of inspiration and encouragement is created by the dissemination of information on the outstanding work, innovative efforts and initiatives taking place in the field of higher education.He said that the whole world is facing an unprecedented crisis of Covid-19 infection. No vaccine or treatment has been found till today for protection from this virus. So caution is the only way. The infection can be prevented by maintaining social and personal distance. He mentioned that time demands that we should bring change in our lifestyle and working style. Make efforts to perform tasks as much as possible in digital mode. By expanding the online working style, the opportunities for physical contact and group gathering should also be reduced.

Shri Tandon said that the work done by the universities of the state in the field of social responsibility in the period of crisis should be given special place in the forthcoming issues of Pravah. The effective use of ICT technology by the universities and the outstanding achievements in the field of public awareness are commendable. Their spread will reshape the role of universities in the field of higher education.

The Governor was informed that in the first issue of the newsletter Pravah, the 6 months’ activities of Raj Bhavan were compiled. In the second issue, the activities and programmes of Raj Bhavan for the January to March quarter have been compiled in the newsletter. The issue specifically details the achievements, innovations and researches of the universities of the state. The digital issue of Pravah is available on Raj Bhavan’s website He was further informed that the number of followers of the Governor’s Facebook page has increased by 16 thousand in the last 8 months. Similarly, more than one and a half lakh hits are also received on the website. Shri Jitendra Parashar, IT Cell In-charge of Raj Bhavan informed that under the University Monitoring System, more than one hundred types of information are being received from the universities on the portal. Based on this information, there will be an effective review of the work being done by the universities.

It is to be highlighted that Shri Tandon is constantly monitoring the efforts being made to combat Covid-19. In this series, Arogya Setu App was downloaded in the mobile phones of all the officers and employees of Raj Bhavan and in-house video conferencing with the officers and employees of Raj Bhavan was organised in the recent past to make social distancing a part of work culture. The activities of the Secretariat are being carried out in on-line mode.