Adecco Group India announces *CEO for one month Internship experience

New Delhi, May 31, 2017: Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, has selected 48 talented young people from all over the world to take on the role of *CEO for one month. The India selected finalist – Mohit Mahajan will work alongside and under the mentorship of Priyanshu Singh, Country Manager & MD, Adecco Group India.

Mohit will have the opportunity to learn on the job and gain privileged overview of management in a complex, global organization. As *CEO for one month, Mohit will receive a paid and highly valuable internship which will enhance his CV and career prospects. Mohit, a student of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi and Jaypee University of Information Technology, was one of 6500+ applicants for the *CEO for one month internship in India. Candidates underwent a series of tests and challenges to reach the final round of selection.

“We are thrilled to have Mohit Mahajan on board the Adecco India team as the *CEO for one month 2017”, said Priyanshu Singh, Country Manager & MD, Adecco Group India. “Lack of work experience is a major barrier in entering the labour market. This program is designed to give aspiring and capable young people like Mohit a chance to gain unparalleled exposure to the dynamic world of running a large organization and help them build the foundation to a successful career. Opportunities such as these provide the selected few with an opportunity to gain a holistic, cross-functional view of how organisations function and help them hone skills that could otherwise take much longer to imbibe.”

Since the scheme’s introduction four years ago, more than 140 successful candidates have joined The Adecco Group ‘CEO for One Month’ network. Initiated with the goal of helping young people to enhance their employability, the programme has become an outstanding talent scouting process for The Adecco Group and its clients, with many successful candidates subsequently joining the company and receiving further professional opportunities.

“It is not every day that you get on-the-job experience under the mentorship of the top management and I believe that the training and feedback I receive here will play a huge role in forming my professional outlook. From having witnessed what a life changing experience this has been to the past finalists of the *CEO for one month programme, I am really geared towards making the most of this unique opportunity,” said Mohit Mahajan, *CEO for one Month, Adecco Group India

Shadowing the senior management executives, the apprentice CEOs joins internal operations reviews and meetings with clients, national and international institutions. They learn about the workforce solutions industry and deal with themes ranging from human capital management to talent and leadership development, as well as corporate strategy and the definition of concerted actions to tackle today’s labour market challenges. Participants then have a further opportunity to be selected as ‘Global CEO for One Month’, offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to work alongside Alain Dehaze, The Adecco Group’s global CEO.

‘CEO for One Month’ is part of Way to Work, The Adecco Group’s programme launched in 2013 to give young people opportunities and allow them to thrive through the power of work. Adecco Way to WorkTM also offers young people internships and apprenticeships (over 10,500 between 2015 and 2017), career guidance and training. Striving to tackle youth unemployment and talent mismatches, The Adecco Group also works with private and public partners in programmes like the Nestlé Alliance for Youth and the Global Apprenticeship Network.

It is noteworthy that diversity was also a feature in this year’s *CEO for one month programme, with the 25 young men and 23 young women getting the chance to test their skills, understand their strengths and aspirations and improve their employability hailing from as far afield as Brazil, China, the Nordics and Turkey.