Admission Alert: Modrika announces 1 year Program with Unemployment Insurance


dmission Alert:  Modrika announces 1 year Program with Unemployment Insurance

Report by Santanu Ganguly, New Delhi:  Modrika, leading institute for High Frequency and Algorithmic Trading in India, today opened admissions for their comprehensive 1-year Guaranteed Job Program. The course content and corporate experience certificate offered by this program make you eligible for over a million high paid job opportunities across the world in sectors like Fund management & consultancy, Advisory, Equity market, Derivatives, Currency, Commodities and Research houses. The competencies, skills and knowledge that you acquire also enable you to earn back your fees within the program duration. This program also makes candidates eligible for among the highest paid career across developed nations.

Having touched more than 50,000 students, Modrika offers direct placement tie-ups with top investment banks and financial institutions. The levels of detail as well as the breadth of scope offered by their 1 year program makes it viable even for those who lack the background in finance or technology. The program offers essential and specialized guidance for sell-side or buy-side executives, brokers, regulator or fund manager incharge of implementing technology systems for your business and professional traders.

Speaking about computer directed trading, Mr. Arun Singh, Director, Indian Operations of Modrika said, “It cuts down transaction costs, and allows investment managers to take control of their own trading processes. These mathematical models analyze every quote and trade in the stock market, identify liquidity opportunities, and turn the information into intelligent trading decisions.” Speaking about its relevance in the current economic climate, he further added “There is a huge demand-supply gap in talent and as major international players begin setting up operations in India to reduce costs, the demand for this specialized skillset will continue to grow. Globally, algorithmic systems execute 70% of the volume and competitive pressures on domestic broker-dealers is leading them to make the necessary investments to adopt and integrate the technology effectively. Automated trading enhances transparency, provides investors with competitive prices and offers smooth access to global exchanges and avenues.”

The increasing complexity of financial market puts growing demands on the quality of education of finance professionals. At Modrika, working executives learn practical skills from successful corporate leaders and experts including seasoned professionals and alumni of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), John Hopkins University (JHU), HSBC, Barclay’s, University of Chicago Business School (UCBS) and Indian School of Business (ISB).

About the guaranteed job program:

It focuses specifically on financial technology trends, challenges, and their solutions. It provides insights on the fundamentals of electronic trading and the technological solutions for implementing them. It also introduces key concepts, the trade life cycle and an overview of Electronic and Algorithmic Trading.

With dedicated 40 hours per week module, the course focuses on Financial Statistics and Modeling Concepts and Tools with detail on Instrument Pricing, Portfolio Management and Risk Management followed by insights into trading and arbitrage strategies with each participant developing and implementing their own strategies on simulators. Furthermore, the course also provides a basic introduction to High Frequency Econometrics, market microstructure and Transaction Cost Analysis. The final module deals with Algorithmic Trading system architecture and Optimizing Strategies.

1.      Name of the course: Modrika’s Guaranteed Job Program
2.      Duration: 1year
3.      Cost of the Course:  Rs. 60,000 – 4.5 Lakhs
4.      Admission Process: Based on online examination of IQ
5.      Last date of Admission: Round the year
Eligibility Criteria:

Basic knowledge of finance, accounting and valuation concepts.
Economics, Commerce Graduates, B.E./ B.Tech /MBA’s
Basic programming skills, analytical and quantitative skills.
Good knowledge of Excel, Access, and standard Office suite.
Close attention to detail and ability to work to very high standards.

Opportunities after this program:

Employment with Leading Investment Banking Companies
Setup- your own business (sub broker ship)
Start your own practice of Arbitrage
Self Trading / Investment

Career options:

1. Trading-

Proprietary Trader
Professional Trader
Dealer (Client Trading)

2. Customer Relationship-

Relationship Manager
3. Operations-


4. Advisory/Research-

Technical Analyst
Fundamental Analyst
Portfolio Management

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