Admissions at Nalanda University

Nalanda University, located at Rajgir, Bihar, that has been designated as an ‘institution of national importance’ has invited applications for admission

Admissions 2017-18

The University starts its admission process in January. Candidates appearing in their final examination of their Bachelor’s degree in 2017 may also register for Admission.

The seats are limited and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Early applications help in securing the seat in the School and accommodation of choice. To avoid disappointment on these fronts it is advisable to apply for admissions at the earliest.

SEATS on offer at the Schools for 2017-18:

1. School of Ecology and Environment Studies (SEES) – 40

2. School of Historical Studies (SHS) – 25

3. School of Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions (SBS-PCR) – 25

The University is currently accepting applications for Round II in all the Schools.

If the seats are filled after any round of application, the University is not obliged to go for next round e.g. if in the School of Historical Studies (SHS) we get 25 students after the interviews are conducted for the first round of applicants, the admission window for SHS will be closed. Similarly if the University does not get suitable candidates for the 25 seats even after third round of application, a fourth round may also be conducted.