Advisor Farooq releases I D Soni’s book “Anecdotes that Inspire”


JAMMU : Advisor to Lieutenant Governor, Farooq Ahmad Khan, today released a book titled “ANECDOTES THAT INSPIRE” authored by I D Soni at Scouts and Guides Bhawan Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.

Professor Lalit Magotra presided over the function while Sohail Kazmi; Former Brigadier S Harcharan Singh; Former Dirctor Information K.B. Jandial and Ahmad Shanas were the guests of honour.

“A child who grows up immersed in true stories and anecdotes of his culture and civilization grows up as a different adult than the child who does not have access to it”, Farooq Khan opined while appreciating this master piece publication by a deeply seasoned and experienced author.

Advisor said that the author has presented before us ‘a feast that would be welcomed equally by children and adults’ through his subtle story telling skills. He lauded the vision of the author who has also given his views in his book about the kind of education our children need, role of teachers, importance of peaceful co-existence and connected relevant issues.

I D Soni said that “Anecdotes that Inspire” is a repository of gems culled from the lives of great saints, sages, sufis, seers, thinkers, awakeners and philosophers which will surely nurture the minds and souls of readers. The main aim behind bringing out this paperback was to guide its readers deal with life’s challenges by deriving positivity even from negative occurrences and developing themselves intellectually so that they may contribute constructively to the society, he added.

He expressed gratitude to Professor Lalit Magotra and Ahmad Shanas Sahib for giving critical review of the book.

On the occasion, J&K Bharat Scouts and Guides, Nirbha Bharat Foundation and People’s Hut Foundation honoured the author with a “Life Achievement Award” for his selfless and dedicated services towards the Scouts and Guides movement.

Dr Saleem-Ur-Rehman, Sohail Kazmi, KB Jandial, who also spoke on the occasion, admitted that such anecdotes are great ally for parents, teacher and preachers to introduce the children to the wisdom and wonder of our culture. They praised the efforts of author’s earnest desire to redeem the sense of lost human values among young boys and girls.

A number of literary personalities, heads of social organizations and prominent citizens graced the occasion including Prem Gupta, Former IGP; Rameshwar Mengi; Vijay Bhagotra; Dr. Renu Nanda; Shiv Kumar Sharma; J K Vaid; K S Sambyal; Harvinder Gupta; Gohar Afeez Fani; J K Zutshi; Sahej Singh; M M Sharma; P L Dubey; S C Rekhi and Usha Chunni.