Aiman Ezzat: next Chief Executive Officer of Capgemini

Mumbai: As part of the internal managerial transition process initiated in 2017 by Paul Hermelin, Chairman and CEO, the Board of Directors of Capgemini SE, meeting today, chose Aiman Ezzat, currently Chief Operating Officer, to succeed Paul Hermelin as CEO after the General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for May 20, 2020.

The choice of the Board of Directors was unanimous following the joint proposal of the Chairman; the Ethics & Governance Committee headed by Pierre Pringuet, Lead Independent Director; and the ad hoc committee headed by Daniel Bernard, Vice-Chairman of the Board. The Board will also recommend during the next General Meeting of Shareholders, that Aiman Ezzat be appointed as a Board Director of Capgemini SE.

The Board of Directors wishes to acknowledge the quality of Thierry Delaporte’s contribution to the development and transformation of the Group during this managerial transition.

As previously announced, Paul Hermelin has proposed that during the next General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board adopts a governance structure that splits the office of Chairman from that of Chief Executive Officer. In this new structure, Paul Hermelin will remain Chairman of the Board, while Aiman Ezzat will be responsible for the general management of the company, as the sole executive corporate officer.