Alexandria University: Alexandria University is among the top 6% of world universities in the Webometrics Ranking for 2022

Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, announced that the university is among the top 6% of the world’s universities in the Spanish Webometrics assessment for the year 2022, advancing 32 global centers from last year, which confirms that Alexandria University’s presence on the global map, and its efforts In the expansion of international partnerships and programs in cooperation with major international universities in many disciplines, and their interest in the specializations of future jobs and the development of programs in line with global trends towards emerging technology, the university president added that Alexandria University, according to this assessment, ranked second at the level of Egyptian universities, and sixth rank. At the level of 1,346 Arab universities, ranked seventh at the level of 2049 African universities, and ranked 731 at the level of 11,998 international universities.