Aligarh Muslim University: Advance Centre for Women’s Studies inaugurates 10-day ‘Research Methodology Workshop’

Aligarh: The Advance Centre for Women’s Studies, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) today inaugurated a 10-day ‘Research Methodology Workshop’ sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR).

Delivering the keynote address, Prof Nishi Pandey, an eminent educationist from the University of Lucknow said that it is imperative for researchers to go beyond authorized, recognized and generally accepted theories and look for new things.

She added that in using research methodologies in areas of women studies it is important to see all narratives of the struggle that a woman has to go through in order to establish her in an area of research dominated by men and by ideas rooted in patriarchy.

Prof Pandey also cautioned the participants of the workshop to consider Indian context in their researches and to avoid a dependency on western theories. “It is not to say that western theories should be avoided, but the implementation in Indian context should be in a beneficial way,” said Prof Pandey.

She further said that it is important to work on researches which empathise on how women are liberated from a dependency of the male members of their family, community and religious groups.

Talking on her idea of feminism, she said that it is a struggle to make women and men equal in the societies we live in. “Any man or woman, who believes in the idea of making women and men equal is a feminist,” said Prof Pandey.

Prof Zakia Siddiqui, former Principal, Women’s College, AMU, who attended the function as the Chief Guest, said that research guides should make sure that students are not doing PhDs just to complete a basic requirement for a career in academia. She added that students should do Phds simply to learn everything about their subjects and their thesis should be intellectually fulfilling.

Prof Siddiqui further said that this workshop will definitely open up students to new and more innovative ways of doing efficient researches through the best of methodologies.

Meanwhile, taking on women education in India, Prof Siddiqui said that the situation has changed in Indian Universities in particular and AMU in general. “I remember when I joined academia there were not many women researchers and teachers, but today we have many departments with overwhelming majority of female teachers.

Presiding over the event, Prof Shamim Ansari (Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences) said that research thesis should be in fine tune with the topic and it is also important to have very clear topics to deliver a good thesis.

“I am sure that this workshop will be fruitful not only for students, but also teachers,” said Prof Ansari adding that this workshop is an opportunity to learn the best research methodology to make research more useful and efficient.

In her welcome address, Prof Nikhat Ahmad (Director, Centre for Women Studies) introduced the guests to the participants of the workshop. She also spoke on how this workshop has been planned for the need to improve research and paper writing ability.

While Prof Ahmad is the Course Director of the Programme, Dr Juhi Gupta is the co-Course Director.

Prof Shahroz Alam Rizvi (Deputy Director, Centre for Women Studies) proposed the vote of thanks. Ms Sara Kidwai (Research Scholar) conducted the programme.

Teachers and students from various departments and faculties of the university were present on the occasion.