Aligarh Muslim University : World Plastic Surgery Day


Aligarh: Serious deliberations were made on the spectrum of plastic surgery trauma management ranging from primary closure to reconstruction, or replacement of complex physical defects of form and function involving the skin, musculoskeletal system and cranio-maxillofacial structures among other procedures in the seminar on ‘Importance of the Plastic Surgery in Patients of Trauma, Malignancies, Congenital Anomalies’.

The seminar was held at the Department of Plastic Surgery, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) to observe the ‘World Plastic Surgery Day’.

“Plastic surgery is the mother of all specialities as it involves surgery on any part of the anatomy, except the central nervous system”, said Prof Imran Ahmad (Chairman, Department of Plastic Surgery).

He added: “Reconstructive surgery as the name suggests is designed to take damage area and repair it to bring it closer to normal form and function. It is needed in cases of birth defect, trauma, infection or cancers which have destroyed the skin and tissues, and uses techniques like skin grafts or skin and tissue flaps”.

Prof Imran further spoke on management and repair of cleft lips, burn, accidental wounds and tissue defects left after cutting out cancerous tissue.

Dr Mohammed Fahud Khurram discussed kinds of aesthetic or cosmetic surgeries.

He explained how in most instances a cosmetic surgery can create a better form, improve breathing after nose jobs, reduced neck pain after breast reduction and improve hygiene after the loose hanging skin is taken away in a tummy tuck.

Resident doctors of the department also planted tree saplings to mark the occasion.

Surgeries continued at the Department of Plastic Surgery despite the inordinate second Covid wave.