Amity felicitates over 100 students for their exemplary performance in various International and National Competitive Examinations

New Delhi: To recognize the achievements of students of Amity International Schools and Amity Institute for Competitive Examinations (AICE) who have secured top ranks in various competitive examinations at National and International platforms, a Felicitation Ceremony was organized at Amity University, Sector 125 Noida.

Over 100 students were felicitated for their exemplary performance in different examinations including IITJEE, NEET (Medical entrance), Olympiads (i.e. NTSE, JSTSE, KVPY), CAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT and IELTS.

Chairperson of Amity International Schools, Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan mentioned that the various study programmes at AICE are designed as per the comfort of students so that they get time to pursue extra-curricular activities other than just studies. She remarked that Amity focuses on holistic development and has formulated curriculum beyond classrooms. Sharing a message with students, Dr. Chauhan said that life is very long and it is essential to have a goal and strategy along with clarity of thoughts, courage, conviction and compassion to succeed thereafter.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sanjay Mishra, Head and Scientist ‘G’ ‘Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) Million Minds Augmenting National Aspirations and Knowledge (MANAK) and SATYAM, DST lauded the hard work of students which have resulted in achieving such successful results in the greatest and toughest competitive examinations. He averred that the society is going through rapid changes in terms of technology and advised the students to embrace the change while updating their skills accordingly. He called upon the students to inculcate the habit of becoming a lifelong learner as not everything can be learned during the educational journey. Dr. Mishra apprised about soon to be launched ‘Grooming/Mentor Programmes’ by Government of India for the students who will be achieving top ranks in competitive examinations.

Congratulating the students, parents and teachers, Dr. Amitava Roy, Scientist ‘G’ Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) DST said that achievements of the students is a collaborative effort. He apprised that succeeding in competitive examinations is the beginning and advised the students to put in sincere efforts throughout their educational and professional journey, only then they will succeed. Talking about the field of Science and Technology, he shared that scientist and technologists are coming together to develop indigenous innovations for the benefit of society. He called upon the students to use their knowledge not just for professional success but also for taking the country forward. “Success with inhumane character is of no use.” he remarked. Dr. Roy appreciated the girl students for scoring well in competitive examinations related to science and asked the parents and teachers to keep encouraging them to pursue their studies and profession in the field of science.

A galaxy of eminent Scientists, Educationists, renowned faculty members along with proud parents of students were present during the ceremony.