AMU researcher publishes research study in Elsevier

Aligarh: Two faculty members of Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology, Aligarh Muslim University, Professor Tabassum Naqvi and Mr Moin ul Haq, along with Professor Suresh Bhalla, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT, Delhi have developed a novel methodology for monitoring the health of concrete structures using embedded piezo transducers. Their research study has been published under the title “Fatigue damage monitoring of reinforced concrete frames using wavelet transform energy of PZT-based admittance signals” by an international high-impact reputed scientific journal “Measurement ? Elsevier”.

The study focuses on providing a new procedure for diagnosing the damages and estimating the remaining useful life of civil structures under the influence of critical dynamic loads. He said a total of 3 years’ time duration has been inundated in deducing the results from the experimental study demonstrated on real life-size concrete prototypes.

It will benefit common people and engineers in quantifying the structural life of buildings and in monitoring real-time damages so that appropriate retrofitting action may be taken at a particular critical location instead of demolishing the whole structure.