Anant National University Takes A Step Towards Enhancing Design Education In India, Hosts The 2nd Edition Of Art Immersion Programme

Ahmedabad: With a view to further spreading knowledge rooted in design education, AnantU hosted the second edition of the Art Immersion Programme (AIP). The two – day event invites school representatives from design schools across India to participate in skill – building workshops, interact with the faculty at AnantU and experience the best techniques of teaching art and upcoming trends of design.

The Art Immersion Programme 2018-19 was a great success with art teachers participating from more than 06 cities. This year, AnantU hosted design educators from different schools from over 13 cities in India. Expert faculty of AnantU hosted workshops highlighting the latest trends in their core area of expertise. Prof Amit Sheth, Dr Miniya Chatterji and Ms Sharmila Sagara conducted workshops and interacted with the educators to give them an overview of the newest pedagogical practices in design.

The aim of AIP is to imbibe the ideology – to get students to be hands-on before heading out in the design education system while nurturing design thinkers from an early-on stage in their careers. Participants also got an opportunity to observe the classes conducted at AnantU, interact with the faculty and the students and experience the infrastructure, equipment and facilities.

Talking about AIP, Dr Anunaya Chaubey, Provost, Anant National University, said, “As the world continues to change and to throw at us complex problems to solve, we realise that conventional and linear approaches are not enough. We need to develop the ability to think laterally and unleash the power of imagination in addressing these big challenges. Design helps us in solving problems and the big world of art helps us develop the power of imagination. Art Immersion Programme at AnantU seeks to integrate these two skills and the associated modes of thinking. Teachers from diverse subject domains attended this programme, and I hope that this immersion in the world of art and design will help them develop new approaches and perspectives on fields of their specialisation and make a positive impact on their students.”

Anant National University firmly believes that Designers have the ability to work across sectors and find creative solutions to some of the most critical problems of today. The university is spearheading the change in Indian education system with designs thinking at its core.