Announcing admissions for BTech in collaboration with Virginia Tech, USA hosted by NMIMS CET Entrance exam

Mumbai : Industry in India is dominated by the engineering sector. The country has 27 % of the total number of factories in the industrial sector and 63% of the total number of foreign collaborations. Keeping these statistics and the global industry demand for Engineers in mind, NMIMS has collaborated with Virginia techUSA and has launched value-added joint engineering programs at its Engineering school- Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering (MPSTME).

NASSCOM estimates that India’s share of the global Engineering and Research & Development (ER&D) market will grow by 12-13% by 2025 to reach US$ 63 billion. These statistics portray the need of engineers in a country as it is the dominated industry in the world.  Therefore, NMIMS has set goals to provide the best of both worlds in imparting education.

NMIMS has collaborated with Virginia Tech USA, for its engineering programs and is all set to announce a new batch for:

  • B. Tech Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science)
    (with an opportunity of pursuing BS & MS degree from Virginia Tech, USA), Popularly known as the 311 Coordinated Program.
    • B.Tech. Data Science (in Academic Collaboration with Virginia Tech)
    • B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence (in Academic Collaboration with Virginia Tech)
    • B. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering – (Cybersecurity) (in Academic Collaboration with Virginia Tech)

The admissions are in full swing forthe Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering (MPSTME) – Mumbai Campus. B Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (Data Science)-311 coordinated Program. This collaboration is a joint initiative of the two top ranking universities. It is a 5 years’ program which provides a unique opportunity for enrolled students to complete first 3 Years of the program at NMIMS Mumbai campus and 4th & 5th years on Virginia Tech. Campus in USA. Upon successful completion of the program students can earn three degreesviz; BTech Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science) awarded by NMIMS

  1. BS Cybersecurity management and Analytics, awarded by Virginia Tech, USA
  2. MS Business Administration (Business Analytics), awarded by Virginia Tech, USA.

Other than the 311 coordinated program,NMIMS also offers 3 other undergraduate Engineering programs in collaboration with Virgina Tech. These programs are concentrated in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Data science. These are collaborative teaching programmes where seven courses are taught by the VT faculty. This offers an advanced level of exposure to the students in thesecutting-edge technologies.Again, it is an opportunity to learn from the best in the two countries. The curriculum in all these programmes is co-designed by the faculty from both the universities.

The opportunities through these academic collaborations are manifold and come at a much lower cost than getting these degrees abroad. A global connect, exposure to a different pedagogy, opportunities to network and pursue internships at US universities, plan further education, value added- degrees with global certification, access to work experience in the US, are few of the advantages offered by the unique initiatives taken by the NMIMS University.

Eligibility criteria: –

  • English is considered as compulsory subject with science or vocational science
  • Minimum 50% marks are required in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry / Vocational subject
  • Candidates who have completed a Diploma in Engineering with Minimum 50% are also eligible to apply in the first year of the program.

Dr Alka Mahajan, Dean MPSTME said, ‘with the world coming closer every day, it is important that students get exposed to global practices. In addition to our varied collaborations with top ranked universities in the US, Australia and the UK, the engineering programmes are so designed that students can pursue their semester long project/internship in reputed universities/industries based in India and abroad. We are a forward looking university offering highly valued programmes based on a robust curriculum with sound learning in the emerging fields.’

Dr. Dhirendra SMishra , Program Chairperson said,  “I have always been sensitive to the concerns of the enrolled and prospective students. In continuous efforts,our vision is to imbibe great education in young minds which will help to sustain a great society with technology and advancement for uplifting the human life. This collaboration with Virginia Tech USA will surely bring revolutionary changes in the education history of NMIMS”.