Annual General Meeting of National HRD Network, Jaipur Chapter Concludes


Jaipur : The AGM of NHRD Jaipur Chapter was organized after a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The AGM of NHRD Jaipur Chapter witnessed experts from Education, Hospitality, Government, Private, Consultancies and Entrepreneurs. The AGM of NHRD Jaipur Chapter witnessed Mr. Apoorva Kumar, Head of Clarks Amer Group, and Chairman of Udai Pareek Foundation Chairing the event and presented the future agenda of NHRD. Dr. Ashok Bapna delivered the welcome address and moderated the whole discussion. The forum also called for the confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting. Presentations on the way forward of the NHRD Jaipur Chapter and the Accounts Reports were shared. The Election of the Executive Committee was also conducted.

Mr. Apoorva Kumar, Head of Clarks Amer Group, and Chairman Udai Pareek Foundation said, “Tourism is the backbone of Jaipur. There are multiple facets on which we need to work in the state. He expressed his view and said, “There is a need to collaborate with Govt. of Rajasthan and the Federation of Hospitality and Tourism and offer certification for all people who have come in contact with tourists. This would create brand ambassadors of the state.” He also insisted that a module must be created and designed for the airport general staff creating awareness by providing personalized services.

Mr. Prem Singh, President of Delhi Chapter of NHRD, shared his regards to be a part of the august meeting and said, “With respect to HR Profession and NHRD Network there are many opportunities of making contributions. The city of Jaipur is an emerging city that seems to have commercial hubs and enormous opportunities for investments in the development sector. This gives immense opportunities to the talent that can contribute where the NHRD and other institution’s support the aspirations. This ideally helps to make a contribution and impact in their areas of work. We have created an ecosystem to recognize the actions and excellence of these young people in the Northern region.”

Dr. Prabhat, Pankaj, Director Jaipuria Institute of Management also appointed now as the VP of the NHRD Jaipur Chapter, spoke of the agendas from the HRCS Report and said, “Simplify things and business so no scope for complexity and ambiguity. Be specific in what you want to achieve. Advancement of human capability where does the human stand and how companies value human potential. Age of collaboration and not isolation where institutions must look at each other in synergy and not as adversity. We must champion three things a) Diversity, b) Equity and c) Inclusivity. The NEP is a great example that is in its new realm where it tries to change the education system through intent and content. Teacher empowerment through teacher training, technological dexterity of teachers vis-à-vis students, ways of assessment must be changed- change from grading to assessment, parallel engagement of parents.”

Dr. Surbhi Purohit, Secretary, NHRD, Jaipur Chapter, spoke on Agenda No. 3 and Agenda No. 4 where she explained the key points discussed in the previous meetings and activities that were conducted by NHRD Jaipur Chapter.
The forum witnessed the participation of Mr. Hem K Bhargava, Registrar of IIHMR University and also appointed as the Treasurer of NHRD Jaipur Chapter presented and confirmed the Accounts Reports.

Participants in the Forum were, Dr. Ashok Bapna, Eminent Academician, now appointed as the President of NHRD Jaipur Chapter, Mr. Pankaj Prabhat, Director Jaipuria Institute of Management now appointed as the Vice-President of NHRD Jaipur Chapter, Mr. Sudhir Upadhyay, Director CULP now appointed as the Joint-Secretary NHRD Jaipur Chapter. Dr. Suresh Chandra Padhy, President, Poornima University now appointed as the Secretary of NHRD Jaipur Chapter. The Executive Members appointed for the NHRD Jaipur Chapter were Mr. Nirav Bansal, Director, Fortis Hospital, Ms. Gitika Mayank, Director, IILM, Dr. Surabhi Purohit, Eminent Academician, Prof. Rao, Eminent Academician, Manipal Institute of Management, Mr. Anirudh B, Senior Manager, Affle.

Trustees Appointed Under Clause 15(ii) were Dr. Pankaj Prabhat, Director Jaipuria Institute of Management and Dr. Ashok Bapna, Eminent Academician. Trustees Appointed Under Clause 15(ii) were Mr. Manoj Gupta, Pro-President Poornima University and Mr. Hem Kumar Bhargava, Registrar, IIHMR University.