Ansal University opens its gates to aspiring students

Gurugram: Ansal announces admissions for aspiring students. Being at a central location, Sushant Lok, Gurugram, which serves to be a hub of multinational companies, it makes another plus for students.
Ansal is open to receiving applications until the end of July 31, 2019, which would be the last date of submissions.
Students seem to seek a profession to pursue, and it tends to come with a lot of obstacles, starting right from your percentile, followed by the cut-off and the stress that comes complimentary.

However, the students need not worry, as Ansal University makes it certain to attend to all equally and let their dreams roar high.

The schools at the University include:

⮚ Sushant School of Art and Architecture: Structuring dreams of future architects, the school opens doors to Bachelor of Planning, Bachelor of Science in Building Projects and post-graduate education including Master of Architecture in Urban Design, Master of Architecture in Landscape Architecture and much more.

Sushant School of Art and Architecture has expanded its horizons with Westminster and Bartlett collaborations, along with offering:

● Entry level scholarships for meritorious students

● Merit-Based Scholarships in subsequent years

● Merit cum Means Based Scholarships for Haryana Domicile students

⮚ School of Hospitality Management: The school exists in collaboration with Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, aiming to prepare young students for the obstacles that come along as and when they step in the profession and the industry.
The school stands firm with its Academic collaboration with Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, France. The School of Hotel Management has also achieved the Winner of ‘Best Hospitality Management School’ award at the 17th edition of Worldwide Hospitality Awards ceremony held at Paris, France.

⮚ Sushant School of Business: School of Business in academic collaboration with Warwick (leading Russell Group University), intends to pay heed to undergraduate courses including B.B.A and involving postgraduate programs like MBA, preparing the future financial analysts, accounting managers, etc.

⮚ School of Engineering And Technology: The School of Engineering and Technology in academic collaboration with University of West of England Bristol, aims in aiding students who aspire to pursue B.Tech, M.Tech, Cybersecurity programme alongside knowledge partner Lucideus (to offer B.Tech and aids students in reacting smartly to cyber threats), and other specializations in the same field of interest.

⮚ School of Law: If one aspires to pave their paths in the field of Law, there is no better School to start than the one in Ansal University. The School of Law, awarded by GHRDC 2019 Survey, ranked number one in the category of Most Promising Law School in India. Along with theories and consistent checks, moots and other such experiences, honing your skills.

⮚ Sushant School of Design: The School of Design, in academic collaboration with the Arts University of Bournemouth UK, proffers programs including Bachelor of Design in Visual communication, Bachelor of Design in fashion communication, etc.

⮚ Sushant School of Health Sciences: If one finds themselves being lured to the field of Medical Sciences, Optometry, Clinical Psychology, Cardiovascular Technology, and others, the School of Health Sciences await them. Some of the hospitals the school has collaborated with includes MAX, Medanta, YUVA Healthcare and other leading names in the medical industry.

⮚ Sushant School of Planning and Development: Aiming to offer courses like Bachelor of Planning (Urban and Regional) and Master of Planning (Urban Planning), the school is all prepped up to welcome new talent and open its gates of knowledge to those who seek it the most.

Ansal University provides its students with not just knowledge but the foundation of using it smartly as per their needs. Hands-on or on-field experience is one factor which sets the university apart from a plethora of others.

Teeming with enthusiastic and competent faculty, the University talks nothing but quality to suffice the requirements of its students, preparing them to be profession-ready individuals than mere graduates or post-graduates, as Ansal University is all about making their dreams turn into their success stories!