Career Options You Can Explore After Automobile Design Courses


India has one of the largest automotive markets in the world and is expected to be the third largest by 2021. The automotive sector is witnessing positive growth, and more Indians are buying cars than ever, with brands coming up with new products now and then.

The car craze in India has always existed, and people buy them for several reasons. For some people, cars are merely an object to travel while for others, it’s a passion that extends way beyond. However, some people go even beyond the enthusiast tag – they are the engineers and designers who conceptualize and make cars and their parts. If you belong to that category and have always been fascinated by cars – automobile designing courses are for you.

Courses like B Tech Automotive Design engineering are ideal for students who wish to make a career in the 21st-century automotive industry. Among the other automobile designing courses, B Automotive Design engineering has the maximum scope since it covers the entire spectrum – from designing to manufacturing and maintenance. The career options are also plenty after such automobile designing courses.

Career Options After Automobile Designing Courses

  1. Automotive Design Engineer

It is the most sought-after career option after pursuing automobile designing courses such as B Tech Automotive Design Engineering. As an automotive design engineer, you will combine your creative knowledge, and practical understanding of engineering for designs that meets the engineering principles. You will have to make clay models, AutoCAD drawings (digital) and even hand-made models for various automobiles. However, not without applying engineering principles and that’s where technical knowledge will come to fore.

Automotive design engineers are required to create designs that are feasible for production. They are also expected to have a thorough knowledge of engineering techniques and the various production processes. This career option is a solid amalgamation of art and science that requires the students to develop a strong aesthetic sense and have strong engineering skills.

  1. Production Engineer at Automobile Plants

One of the most technically challenging jobs that require much responsibility. As a production engineer at any of the automobile plants, you would be in direct touch with the R&D department and take care of the entire production line. The person has the complete responsibility of ensuring that all processes are working optimally.

A production engineer maintains the schedule of production, checks, quality control, and process capabilities. It also requires designing new processes and planning for investment. Maintaining machines in the line, optimally using the resources and avoiding line stopping are among other responsibilities of the production engineer.

  1. Vendor Development Engineer

A vendor development engineer is responsible for the procurement of both raw material and finished goods. It includes sourcing, negotiating, and buying goods, services, and materials to meet the demand.

If you choose this career path, you will also specify, develop, and validate advanced technology, quality information, and test equipment.

  1. Maintenance Engineer at Automobile Dealerships

Maintenance engineer is an exciting career option that one can take up after pursuing automobile designing courses. These engineers are responsible for a host of things, including continuous running of equipment and machinery.

There’s also much focus on computerized systems to ensure routine maintenance and repairs. As a maintenance engineer, you’ll also be involved in control and monitoring devices and will be required in the manufacturing of automotive items that aid in maintenance.

  1. Higher Studies

An M. Tech with specialization in Automation and Robotics is another career option that one can pursue after completing automobile designing courses. Since automotive manufacturing plants consists of robots and such – a higher and advanced degree can put you straight in line where you will be responsible for designing robots and automating other processes.

Higher education will also lead to better placement opportunities and working in much better job profiles.

What Are You Waiting For?

Automotive designing courses are becoming more popular in India. Earlier all the processes were handled by general engineers. However, the advent of the industry has led to educational institutes into offering more specialized programs that focus on this specific domain.

If you dream of designing cars and want to be involved in the entire life cycle – an engineering degree in any of the automotive designing courses is highly recommended. It is a lucrative career that offers many benefits and a chance to work in an integrated industry.

So, the only thing is choosing an excellent university that offers automobile designing courses from an industrial perspective. Universities like UPES are known for their industry aligned automotive designing courses such as B Tech Automotive Design Engineering. The course is unique and offers many opportunities. Furthermore, the university is rated QS 5 Stars for Employability and is India’s first and only university to achieve this significant feat.