Artur Parfenchikov thanked volunteers for their help in extinguishing forest fires

More than 40 volunteers received letters of thanks.
An award ceremony for volunteers who participated in extinguishing forest fires in the republic took place today . During the period of the emergency regime in Karelia, more than a thousand volunteers have provided assistance in extinguishing fires.

Volunteers participated in the delivery of drinking water and food to the places of extinguishing, brought specialized clothing and protective equipment, helped firefighters to fight the fire near settlements.

Among those who with great courage and courage took part in saving forests from fires were students of Petrozavodsk State University.

On the basis of the “Boiling Point Petrozavodsk”, a Center for volunteer assistance to firefighters of Karelia was created, a team of volunteers from 70 residents of Karelia, Arkhangelsk, Leningrad and Ryazan regions was formed. Four volunteers worked at the Firefighter Volunteer Center every day. They received and dispatched aid, answered calls, and managed volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who made donations that made it possible to purchase equipment, food, and protective equipment. We thank “Boiling Point” for the provided platform. Trade union committee of PetrSU students for help in organizing and sending cars to the districts,


– thanked the representatives of the Firefighters Assistance Center of Karelia.

Earlier we wrote about our students who were volunteers .