North European Open Science and Education Consortium established

Today in the city of Petrozavodsk, it was announced that all procedures for the formation of the North European Open Scientific and Educational Consortium have been completed. Petrozavodsk State University, St. Petersburg State University, Murmansk Arctic State University, Murmansk State Technical University, Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Apatity), Syktyvkar State University named after V.I. Sorokin, Ukhta State Technical University, Komi Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Syktyvkar), Vologda State University, Vologda State Dairy Academy named after N.V. Vereshchagin, Northern State Medical University (Arkhangelsk), Smolensk State University, Research Institute of System Research RAS (Moscow), Institute of Chemistry of Solutions G.A. Krestova RAS (Ivanovo), Institute of Agroengineering and Environmental Problems of Agricultural Production (St. Petersburg).

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