Awareness should remain even after control of Corona in the state: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Bhopal : Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the state government is taking all necessary measures to control Corona in Madhya Pradesh. Multidimensional steps have been taken to free the public from the infection of this virus. Cooperation of prominent social workers and social leaders along with the medical field is also being obtained. According to the suggestions received, other necessary decisions will also be taken in public interest. Shri Chouhan was in discussion today with the members of the State Advisory Committee constituted by the Madhya Pradesh government today to control Corona virus through video conferencing. Home and Public Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra was present on the occasion.

Renowned child rights activist, Nobel Prize winner and member of the State Government Advisory Committee regarding Corona problem, Shri Kailash Satyarthi has suggested that public awareness campaigns should be conducted through voluntary organizations in Madhya Pradesh. This will help in controlling social side effects of Corona virus problem. In particular, strict steps will also have to be taken to curb the child prognography these days. Referring to the Atharvaveda Samhita mantra in video conferencing, Shri Satyarthi said that in today’s situations people are praying to God to liberate everyone from known and unknown fears. Considering the need for public awareness and public consciousness, continuous work is needed while making all directions fear-free. He said that Madhya Pradesh is in a position to lead in some works. Shri Satyarthi said that when the situation of lock-down ends, the government and the society must jointly play an active role in protecting the rights of children. It is also our social responsibility. Shri Satyarthi said that after the lockdown, if a a meeting of the ambassadors of G-7 nations and the European Committee is is held at Bhopal, then they will join by cooperating with their contacts. Shri Satyarthi also suggested to improve the mobile anganwadi and food supply system. He stressed on development of resources in the region in the state.

Shri Kailash Satyarthi congratulated the Chief Minister Shri Chouhan for the good work being done to control Corona virus in Madhya Pradesh. Shri Satyarthi said that due to the sensitive personality of the Chief Minister, the work of controlling this disease is going on well in Madhya Pradesh.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan informed the members of the State Advisory Committee that the poor people have been provided ration for three months in the state. Arrangement of mid-day meal and scholarship was made for the students along with providing a sum of Rs one thousand to the labourers. An amount of Rs 562 crore was also deposited in the account of the beneficiaries of social security pension. Proper arrangements have been made to treat people infected with Corona in the state. A large number of patients are recovering and going home. Despite this, constant efforts are being made for the control of this disease by taking constant precautions. Prime Minister Shri Modi has also been constantly informed about the situation of the state. Shri Chouhan said that the learned members of the committee have vast experience. Necessary action will be taken on their suggestions. The members of the committee will continue to communicate from time to time and they will also be made aware of the action taken by the state government.

Chief Minister Chouhan spoke to eminent Nobel Prize winner and well-known social worker Shri Kailash Satyarthi, former Chief Secretary of the state Smt. Nirmala Buch, retired IPS officer Shri Sarabjit Singh, social worker Shri Ramendra Singh, Seva Bharti worker Shri Naval Kishore Shukla, Dr. Jitendra Jamdar, Dr. Nishant Khare, Shri Mukesh Maud, Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh, Dr. Rajesh Sethi, Shri S.P Dubey and Shri Mukul Tiwari through video conferencing.

Key suggestions from Advisory Committee members

The members of the Advisory Committee have made several important suggestions to Chief Minister Shri Chouhan today. These include suggestions to deal specifically with situations arising after lockdown and to be alert to treatment of diseases other than Corona at present. Smt. Nirmala Buch said that the fear ofCorona has to be removed from the minds of the people. So far, good work has been done in the state with promptness. A long-term plan needs to connect the common man with disease control work. Smt. Buch also congratulated the Chief Minister for this. She suggested that it is necessary to explain to the poor people to get themselves tested for the disease. As much as possible, they should also provide financial support on a personal level. Social distancing must be followed constantly.

Retired IPS officer Shri Sarabjit Singh paid tribute to the police personnel and doctors, who died followed their battle with Corona, and said that after the lock-down ends, a system will have to be set up in the commuting of workers. Criminal elements must not be allowed to take advantage of the situation and they must be controlled by being vigilant. Efforts will have to be made for systematic supply of consumer goods. Shri Singh said that containment areas of cities, will have to be given constant attention. Safety of people engaged in rescue operations is also necessary. Best practices have to be encouraged.

Social worker Shri Ramendra Singh said that he has seen good response among the beneficiaries for the facilities being provided by the government in the tribal areas of Sagar, Rewa and Jabalpur divisions. Employment scheme should be made for them. Baiga, Sahariya and Bharia tribes do not have to face problems due to the amount received by them. Shri Ramendra Singh suggested that arrangements will have to be made to send labourers coming from other places to other areas respectively. After the lockdown ends, the needs of those receiving lower wages have to be prioritized. To remove tension and fear in the society, it will be appropriate to carry out work by creating committees at the ward level. In addition, organizations that are working, will also have to be given responsibilities by keeping contact with them from the point of view of specific work. If there is not adequate number in boys and girls ashrams, arrangements can be made. Apart from this, the concern of those living in old age homes is also necessary. There is a need to constantly monitor rural areas to ensure that there are no hurdles in crop procurement.

Senior officer of Seva Bharti, Shri Naval Kishore Shukla, said that constant attention need to be paid to isolation centres. Entertainment centers can also be provided at these centres keeping mental health in mind. To obtain the services of carpenter and plumber, they are required to supply material. Shri Naval Kishore said that the efforts of the state government are commendable. He said that if you had not been the Chief Minister, the situation in the state would have been difficult.

Dr. Jitendra Jamdar said that the model of training and trainer should be available in private hospitals. There should be a training programme for trainers. Today, common people are being able to avail the benefitsof the arrangements made by Chief Minister Shri Chouhan in all the medical colleges in the past years. Dr. Jamdar said that adequate arrangements of PPE kits are being made for frontline workers, which is commendable. He described the role of the Jan Abhiyan Parishad and the need to make it active.

Dr. Deepak Shah said that it is very important that the masks and other such materials, which are thrown in the garbage in this phase of virus infection, are disposed properly. Passes should be issued for 24-hour facility in hospitals. Necessary arrangements need to be made in such hostels where there is no food.

Dr. Nishant Khare said that farmers will have to prepare for chilli and cotton production in Nimar region. The state government should give necessary support while arranging this. Dr. Khare called for efforts from both government and society to promote a sense of positivity and keep people free from psychological problems. Social policing can be arranged.

Shri Mukesh Maud said that it is necessary to extend the practice of home quarantine. This will be an effective system compared to hospitals. Shri Maud said that the constant focus on this message that people do not make unnecessary movements and stay with the family is commendable.

Dr. Rajesh Sethi said that new hospitals should be kept in reserve. There is a need to keep an eye on the case in Raisen and Hoshangabad. In addition, the number of flu OPDs of hospitals should also be monitored to understand the direction of Corona virus. Closed private hospitals can be sanitized and restarted.

Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh said that the situation of control over Corona virus in Madhya Pradesh is good. Prevention measures should be implemented continuously. A house-to-house survey in Indore has helped prevent the disease.

Dr. S.P. Dubey said that maximum testing and sending samples for testing by plane in Madhya Pradesh is commendable. The staff engaged in sampling work must be trained. The arrangements of Department of Microbiology in Medical Colleges and services of physicians and specialists in nose, ear, throat diseases should be taken continuously. There should be activities by the religious leaders to spread awareness about Corona.

Dr. Mukul Tiwari said that the Indian Medical Association has adopted telemedicine and people of the state are receiving its benefits. On seeing the symptoms of the disease, he stated the need to strengthen the investigation system. The inevitability of emergency patient Corona testing should end.

Constant strengthening of arrangements in Madhya Pradesh

Additional Chief Secretary Health Mohd. Suleman said that currently 11 labs in Madhya Pradesh are taking around 2000 samples per day. Earlier only 2 labs were engaged in this work. Soon, arrangement of taking 2500 samples will be made in the state and in May this capacity will be 5000 samples per day. Full support is being received by the Government of India and ICMR. DRDO approved PPE kits are being prepared in Indore and Bhopal. 10,000 kits are being prepared every day. The situation is also showing improvement in Indore. Setting up of 11 containment areas in Indore city has been a great help. Quarantine proceedings are also being done continuously for taking samples of suspected and high risk individuals.