Ayurveda Medical Camp organized for free checkups and consultations

 Mathura: The Free Ayurvedic Health Camp was organized for the well-being of people by Sanskriti Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital. The camp offered free consultation and checkups by specialist doctors and free medication for all. The response by the people was commendable and a large number of people got consultation in the camp. All the consultation was done in a safe and secure environment.


A team of 6 Doctors were working in the camp to advise people on various health issues and to help them lead a healthy and happy life. This initiative helped the needy people in these hard times. Through this camp, they were also able to highlight the major role of Ayurvedic treatment in gaining health and wellness.


The Chancellor of Sanskriti University, Sachin Gupta said, “This pandemic has affected us all, and offering a helping hand to someone in need is the best we can do. It also taught us to be kind and supportive; therefore we started this initiative to complete our part of responsibility toward society. The purpose of establishing Sanskriti Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital is to promote the Indian System of Medicine.”


Ayurveda Medical Camp organized by Sanskriti Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital aimed at giving free consultation by experts so that people can get their free checkups. This initiative helped many patients from normal economic backgrounds to know about their health problems. They also received free medicines from the camp. Worldwide, people have started adopting Ayurveda in their lives for holistic well-being. People are increasingly making Ayurveda the perfect system of health knowledge for a healthy lifestyle in the modern world.


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