“Bandaging the Tree” innovative art initiative by B.D.M. International School

Kolkata: B.D.M International School undertook an art initiative “Bandaging the Tree” within the precincts of its school premises today.

The vision behind the art initiative is to bring to light the apathy at large towards the environment and to create awareness of the sorry state of one of our city’s silent warriors… Our Trees!. They are testified to be living organs, and are hurt if damaged due to various reasons, be it breaking or damaging of branches or any other part. The pain they suffer is not felt, and slowly they wilt to death with passage of time causing terrible damage to the environment. The art initiative is to create awareness about the pain the trees suffer & the importance of nursing them back to health, thus saving the environment from further damage. Students of the school selected trees around the premises reasons and bandaged them with a white cloth with red color paint sprinkled on the middle, to drive & highlight a key environment message.

According to the School Principal, Mrs. Vijaya Chaudhuri, “In today’s world, preoccupation with digital media, internet and mobile phones, has become a big barrier between children and nature. We have noticed that most urban children are ignorant about matters related to the environment, which in the long run will be very damaging for the same. This, of course, is the case as most parents are too busy trying to provide good lives for their families” The thought of organising the initiative came from the above, she added.

“Bandaging the Tree” is part of the “The Heal Project” an art initiative by well known Mumbai based artist Kisalay Vora and Sheena Sahani Vora. They have been very successful in initiating the experiment in Multiple city locations, creating huge public awareness. Kisalay was personally present to guide and curate the initiative to the students and teaching staff of the school. He is very happy to be part of the event and looks forward to more such initiatives in association with the school. The school children were full of energy and excitement in their participation, Jawans and a Senior Officer from BSF were present to support &encourage the children in this art iniative .