Bandhan – Indian School of Business celebrates Independence Day with a difference


Mohali: Indian School of Business (ISB), continued its 13-year long tradition of celebrating Independence Day with children from disadvantaged sections of the community. As part of Bandhan 2018, an initiative of the school’s Net Impact Club, 300 children from partner NGOs and schools were hosted on campus and a day full of cultural events and fun and learning activities was organised and run by the entire ISB community including students, staff, faculty and spouses.

Bandhan, ISB Net Impact Club’s flagship event is an ISB Independence Day tradition in its 13th year, and it brings together volunteers from the class around Independence Day every year to spread smiles and learning to hundreds of children. Over the years, Bandhan has grown by leaps and bounds and this year around 300 children from 3 NGOs including Jeevan Mukt Nishulk Vidyalaya, Humari Kaksha and Chandigarh Spinal Rehab Centre spent a day full of learning and fun at the campus.

The theme for Bandhan 2018 was #BondsAtBandhan, based on the idea of celebrating many new bonds, friendships and relationships that are formed as part of the event. #BondsAtBandan captures the spirit of Bandhan and how it ties us all together as one single community that aims to build a sense of lasting social responsibility and inspire student interest in applying business skills towards positive social impact.

The day started with endearing dance, drama and music performances by children from participating NGOs, trained by ISB students, followed by some knowledge-building workshops and interactive activities such as painting, storytelling, workshop, sports etc.
Through the Sports session, the kids were imparted several lessons regarding the relevance of sports in their individual growth and development. The Dance & Music workshop imparted the learning that music can be created from almost anything through a live demonstration put up by ISB students. The drama and storytelling focused on students learning to speak on stage building their confidence. There was a dance session for the members of Chandigarh Spinal Rehab and they along with students participated actively in it . They also came to stage and talked about their experiences.

Kumara Guru, Director, External Relations, ISB said: “At ISB, we cherish the value of giving back. Bandhan is the flagship ‘giving back’ event of the students of ISB celebrated each year on Independence Day. Breaking barriers, kids from underprivileged backgrounds from across tri-city area are welcomed to campus for a day long celebration of fun, festivities and learning.”

Ruchi Jain, President, Net Impact Club, ISB said: “Bandhan is all about celebrating the bonds that shall last for a lifetime. This Independence Day the entire class of ISB 2019 created these everlasting ties in view to empower and liberate students coming from NGOs in Chandigarh and give them a day full of fun, frolic and freedom !.”