#Green Cell Technologies and #Citrosuco sign exclusive global license agreement

Cape Town: South African biotechnology company, Green Cell Technologies® (GCT®), today announced it has signed an exclusive global licensing agreement for the world’s largest orange juice producer, Citrosuco, to make use of its proprietary Disruptor™ technology, intellectual property, processes and applicable trademarks.

Green Cell Technologies’ award-winning, patented Dynamic Cellular Disruption® (DCD®) process, in conjunction with its Disruptor® technology, is busy revolutionising the modern global food and beverage manufacturing industry. Without using harmful heat or chemicals, GCT is able to assist its clients in attaining higher yields, reducing food waste at source and all without denaturing the product. Because the process results in a molecular flow and allows for 99.99998% of the available active ingredients to be harvested, the company already awarded for its work in the area, believes it is able to provide a commercially viable solution to the world’s future food security needs through its technologically advanced extraction and its New Product Development (NPD) capabilities.

The agreement – for an initial two year period – will see Citrosuco hold the exclusive licensing rights to GCT’s DCD process for the global orange juice and orange-related speciality ingredients market. This gives Citrosuco a significant competitive edge, taking its orange production into the future, streets ahead of conventional processing, while also reducing waste. Additionally, Citrosuco will have the increased ability to formulate products suitable for the growing consumer appetite for natural goods.

The Citrosuco development team commented: “Citrosuco aims to be the best company for natural fruit juices and ingredients in the global food industry. Access to Green Cell Technologies’ machinery and intellectual property will make this more of a reality. We are excited about the prospects this means for us as a global company to develop new products and for the people who will benefit from the added nutritional enhancements this technology can unlock.”

While both companies are necessarily un-specific as to the particulars of what the technology will generate for Citrosuco and what else the company is exploring, it is true to say that many possibilities are being explored and the companies will make further announcements in the months to come.

Roy Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of Green Cell Technologies confirmed the agreement, remarking: “We are delighted to be working with Citrosuco as they are a company that shares our ideals as far as natural foods are concerned, and one that is prepared to invest in sustainable innovation with the aim of being able to provide better foods for more people while minimising negative impact on the environment.

“With the world population growing on a daily basis and the ability to deliver meaningful nutrition diminishing, it is imperative that food processors enter the modern manufacturing paradigm.”

The agreement came into effect on 6th August 2018.