betterU Education Corp. announced Chris Gayle joined betterU’s Brand Ambassador program

Mumbai: betterU Education Corp. is pleased to announce that Chris Gayle, Cricketer from the Indian Premier League (IPL), has joined betterU’s Brand Ambassador program in the company’s effort to continue to grow awareness and draw attention to the importance and personal value of skills development through betterU’s global education marketplace.

Chris_GaylebetterU’s vision is to provide all individuals across the country with the opportunities to learn and grow. This bold initiative is in line with Prime Minister Modi’s mandate to skill up 500 million people by 2022. To achieve such levels of mass education, betterU understands that there is a need for a collective collaboration between global educators, industry leaders, and government as well as influential individuals such as Chris Gayle. This also aligns with the recent addition of Satnam Singh, the first NBA player to ever get drafted from India, who joined betterU back in late 2016. Part of betterU’s ongoing strategy is to continue to create awareness to the value of life-time learning and the ongoing need for personal advancement of one’s skills.
Mr. Gayle and the CEO of betterU both came from backgrounds in which they struggled with access to quality education. Yet even through these limiting moments, their dedication, persistence and a passion to become more, resulted in both growing to become leaders in their respective fields. “When Chris and I met in Bangalore many months back, I realized the value he could bring to betterU because of his appreciation and understanding towards the value of education along with his love of India, made us immediate partners. Everyone has the right to education, but the realities are that not everyone has access to it, whether that be due to their physical location, affordability, connection to technology, or fear of the unknown. I am excited to welcome Chris to the betterU family, and for helping support betterU and India! I am also looking forward to building a life-time friendship” said Brad Loiselle, President and CEO, betterU Education Corp.
betterU and Mr. Gayle will be working on collaborative opportunities to promote the company’s content partners’ through betterU’s overall vision to support India. “I am excited to be working with Brad and betterU in the supporting of this great initiative. I have so many fans across the country that have supported me for so many years and I feel passionate about continuing to support them outside of Cricket. I love India, I love the people and I want to be part of making a global difference through opening education to all!” said Chris Gayle, IPL Cricket player.