BeyondSkool takes a big LEAP – Awarded with Accreditation

New Delhi: EdTech platform BeyondSkool, also the world’s first IQ+CQ+EQ academy, has now been accredited by, the leading STEM organisation in the USA. The achievement exhibits a true excellence in the platform’s curriculum, delivery of knowledge and skills through online learning. The vision of and BeyondSkool are akin. The accreditation was thus a rational step in BeyondSkool’s endeavour to develop and enable young minds through innovative real-world application of STEM. Both, BeyondSkool and intend to drive a change in the pedagogical approach in a way that supports the transformation of outlook in education.


Within 10 months since its commercial launch BeyondSkool has impacted 33,000+ students across 18+ countries with more than 4 lakh minutes of live learning.

Speaking on the achievement, Payal Gaba, CEO and Co-Founder, BeyondSkool, said, “We are honoured to be accredited by This accreditation is in line with our vision to transform a generation of Passive Learners to Sharp Thinkers, Innovators and Influencers. It is a clear reflection of what we do and what sets us apart in the education industry globally. Special thanks to our Academic team for their dedication and efforts in making us achieve this crucial milestone. ”

Atul Chugh, COO and Co-founder, BeyondSkool added, “Pursuing this STEM accreditation shows our commitment to providing the highest levels of quality education to children between the ages of 4 – 11. This recognition by is proof that BeyondSkool has met the highest level of standards of an internationally acclaimed organization. We are proud to have met the challenge of this certification and intend to consistently uphold the principles of quality improvement in the online education landscape.”

Talking about the future plans, Payal Gaba, CEO and Co-Founder, BeyondSkool, said “Our programme designed by esteemed educationists continues to create an impact on both students and teachers. With the support of we are confident about making our global impact stronger”

With their high-caliber staff, members and solutions, BeyondSkool aims to build knowledge and skills that will be required for success among children in the rapidly transforming world and careers through the EdTech platform.