Bihar Govt. wants to encourage investors to invest in Bihar’s IT sector and turn it into a major IT hub in Eastern India- Jibesh Kumar, IT minister, Govt. of Bihar


Patna  : The state government has decided to build an IT city on 100 acres of earmarked land in Rajgir, Nalanda. In addition, the State Government has set aside 25 acres of land in Bihta, Patna, for a proposed IT park with cutting-edge facilities, a consistent web network, and continuous quality power accessibility. A state-funded IT tower is also being built to house IT/ITeS and device organizations.With rapid infrastructure development, Bihar is on track to become the country’s next IT hub and a great platform for IT/ITeS and electronics companies.

Shri Jibesh Kumar, Hon’ble Minister Government of Bihar, Department of Information Technology, said, “the department’s initiative to encourage entrepreneurs and investors to invest in the IT industry and to establish Bihar as the most privileged investment destination is taking key steps under the ‘Invest IT Bihar Campaign’ Investment initiative. Inviting applications for rent-free space at Patna’s Start-Up Hub at Biscomaun Tower should be considered part of the initiative.” We want to encourage investors to invest in Bihar’s IT sector and turn it into a major IT hub in Eastern India. Jibesh Kumar, Minister of Information Technology, Government of Bihar

The Department of Information Technology, Government of Bihar, has set up 78 Wi-Fi enabled workstations, 33 independent cabins, and a 60-seater call centre in a total area of 12,000 square feet on the 9th and 13th floors of Biscoumaun Tower in Patna.

The Department has received over 80 registrations and 48 applications with registration fee in the shape of demand drafts from startups operating in various sectors such as business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, data analytics, internet of things, and business process management for the allocation of rent-free office space.



With the COVID pandemic limiting people’s movement and transit around the world, technology has once again proven to be a lifesaver. India experienced the longest curfew in human history. The “LOCKDOWN” was a necessary step to combat the rapid spread of the deadly corona virus, but implementing a nationwide lockdown in a country with the world’s second largest population was a difficult task. In a variety of ways, technology played a critical role in limiting virus spread.

In these unprecedented circumstances, the state of Bihar used a variety of techniques to combat the disastrous CORONA virus, which was spreading at a rapid pace. The Bihar government is committed to its goal of creating more job opportunities for youth and empowering Bihar’s socioeconomic growth.

The Government of Bihar ensured the smooth operation of government bodies by successfully implementing Projects such as E-Office & E-Procurement Mission Mode Projects, which are a few of the Mission Mode Projects under the National e-Governance Plan. By replacing the old manual process with an electronic file system, the E-Office project aimed to improve productivity, quality, resource management, turnaround time, and transparency. The NIC developed the E-Office framework, and DIT Bihar is the nodal department for e-Office implementation in Bihar. Bihar’s government has implemented e-office in 30 departments and 15 government PSUs.

A plethora of offices began operating remotely with the help of cloud-based computing and web-based applications for meetings and conferences. Events were hosted online, and many seminars were successfully transformed into webinars. The e-commerce industry expanded dramatically as products were ordered online in record numbers across the state.

The Government of Bihar’s Department of Information Technology has launched an Android-based App (HIT-COVID) to help health workers track home isolated COVID positive patients. The Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi praised the HIT-COVID App for its innovative thinking and implementation. The HIT-COVID app assisted health workers in tracking the health status of home isolated COVID Positive patients, allowing them to provide appropriate medical services to those in need.


Bihar has made tremendous progress in all areas of development. In reality, Bihar is one of the top-performing states in terms of GDP growth rate. This Indian state is currently constructing its first information technology (IT) park near the state capital.

Bihar has seen tremendous growth in per capita net state homegrown item. The state’s NSDP developed at a CAGR of 13.41 percent (in Rs.) between 2015 and 2021 at current costs per capita.

To attract investors, policies have been relaxed. Also there is no scarcity of economical skilled workforce in the state. All of this will entice investors to invest in Bihar. The steps taken by the Government of Bihar’s Department of Information Technology will lead to Bihar developing its identity as a strong and sustainable IT hub in the region, as well as creating job opportunities for the people of Bihar.