Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment; takes healthcare communication a notch higher with OET in India


New Delhi: Recognizing the role communication plays in a comprehensive and quality healthcare ecosystem, Cambridge University Press endeavours to enhance English language learning in the healthcare sector. With improved-healthcare-communication at the center, Cambridge University Press collaborates with Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment; brings OET – ‘Occupational English Test’ Preparation Nursing to India. As a part of this association Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment offers their certification OET – ‘Occupational English Test’, while Cambridge University Press designs and delivers official OET preparation courses in line with CBLA’s Preparation Provider Programme (PPP) guidelines. In addition, Cambridge University Press will also function as OET authorised Test Venues in India.

‘Limited language proficiency’ is counted amongst some major deterrents in quality healthcare. OET is designed to replicate the critical tasks of healthcare workplace settings and measure abilities across the skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking. It helps gain practical experience for Indian students, resulting in “job ready” graduates, with an opportunity to excel in the sector globally. Through this course, nurses across India can bring themselves at a par with their counterparts worldwide, making India a valuable part of the global healthcare workforce.

Commenting on the development, Ratnesh Jha, MD, South Asia, Cambridge University Press said, “The preparation and course is categorically designed for the healthcare sector. It offers long-term career benefits and helps healthcare professionals feel more confident, while communicating in an English-speaking healthcare environment. OET not only helps nurses and care givers in the healthcare sector, build their healthcare specific vocabulary, but also uses real healthcare scenarios, giving them an insight to what their everyday life would be. OET is widely recognised as proof of English proficiency for registration, study and work in the healthcare sector, as well as for visas in some countries.”

Elaborating on the association, Sujata Stead, CEO of Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment commented,“We are looking forward to working closely with CUP India and believe there are many ways in which we can each gain from the relationship. In particular, we look forward to continuing to collaborate with CUP on the publication of OET Preparation Nursing, a valuable and much- needed resource for healthcare professionals.”

OET Preparation Nursing is a definitive guide to effective healthcare communication and OET Preparation from Cambridge University Press. The content is designed to ensure success for all nursing students in OET and includes extensive guidance on the four language sills, two practice tests and ample sample practice material. The book will be accompanied by audio content in a variety of native English accents and a complete answer key. The content is designed to replicate the critical tasks of healthcare workplace settings. Additionally, OET is perfect both for classroom use as well as for self-preparation.